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Dog Blog: Ziggy’s First Holiday – Bluestone, Wales – Part 3

Day 2 – Tenby

I’ve never been awoken before by a heard of cattle passing by my bedroom window. Well, that was until I woke up on Wednesday morning.

I rushed out of bed to see what was going on and I smiled. Sunshine. Today was going to be a great day. Then I looked at the cattle being moved. This was udderly (sorry!) bizarre. This city chick is not used to old MacDonald and his farm going past in the morning. I watched fascinated before heading to the kitchen for a healthy cooked breakfast. Quorn sausages, mushrooms and tomato all washed down with a big cup of Matcha green tea.

Wanting to make the most of the sunshine we got ready quickly and hopped into the car for our 25 mile journey to the picturesque town of Tenby. As we arrived the brightly painted guest houses looked gorgeous in the glimmering sunshine. We gravitated to the beach.

SoBe in Tenby

Having packed a tuna salad we were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a newly build South Beach bar & grill the beach. An upmarket restaurant serving what looked like amazing food from light meals to full platters. With a smaller hut serving those on the beach with ice creams, cold drinks, cakes and sandwiches. Still time to get sand in your sandwiches yet!

Behind the restaurant there were builders working hard on Water’s Edge. A new collection of beach front apartments which although not fully completed, already looked amazing.


We threw out our towels and got positioned for a day of basking in the sun. As Ziggy ran after his toy, digging in the sand and entertained himself.

After a while our noses pricked at the smell of the South Beach Bar & Grill on Tenby beach so we packed up our towels and headed over to the seating outside. Within minutes we had drinks in our hand and we were enjoying the atmosphere. The food looked delicious and we both were very disappointed that we had already eaten our sandwich and salads that we had packed.


Sunshine Puppy

Ziggy demanded that it was time to leave Tenby as he had basked in enough sunshine for the day and was getting whiney. He really is like a little baby so we finished our drinks and headed back to the cottage.

Lighting the BBQ we through on our burgers and sausages, and enjoyed a couple of cocktails in the last of the sunshine.

As we sat enjoying the last of the sunshine a parade of cattle must have caught scent of their brother on our BBQ and decided to join us from the farmers field next to our garden. Ziggy, much like the chickens and sheep the other day, he didn’t know what to make of them.

With a gruff and a tail wag he ran inside pressed his nose to the French doors. Lifted his hackles and began growling. Typical little man syndrome.

As the cows munched on the hedgerow and we enjoyed our burgers the sun began to set on the Pembrokeshire county and we headed back indoors.

Wine & Eggs

A little while later there was a knock at the door. Heather appeared with some freshly laid eggs from her rescue chickens and some instructions to Barrafundle Bay. We invited her in and opened a bottle of Res Fortes. 


She began to tell us all about her travels and her diving experiences which had us all roaring with laughter. About the Pembrokeshire county and we discussed all about Bluestone’s facilities.

Not only does Heather have gorgeous cottages, she ensures that every little extra is thought about. Alongside that she’s the most genuinely lovely person and a welcoming host. She’s the kind of person although you’ve only spoken to a couple of times you feel like you’ve known your whole life and I really thoroughly would recommend a stay at Erwin Cottage!

After we finished our wine and Heather headed home we decided to call it a night. Retiring to our beds another great day in Wales had been had by all.

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