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5 Dog Toys & Treats from – Ziggy’s Haul

I make no secret of it, my dog is my absolute life. He’s there with kisses when I’m down and snuggles in when I’m hungover. No matter if I’ve been away 5 minutes or 5 days that tail of his is frantically wagging and he’s quick on his back for his tummy tickled. He loves a dog blog and was thrilled when got in touch to work with him.

With a dog boutique and grooming business previously under my belt. I’ve 3 years of dog product knowledge and experience in pretty much all things dog. As some of you may know that due to a bought of horrible depression I gave up my shop. Eventually moving on from the business that I started at the age of 20 whilst still at University to pastures new.

Although my business path is very different now I’m frequently inundated with emails and texts from friends and past customers. Even now after closing my shop 2 years ago asking dog related questions. I feel as if I’m some kind of oracle though so I don’t mind giving advice and passing on what I know.

If you know anything about my little pup and I, you’ll know that we’re total brand snobs. It’s not a bad thing but we often find that our friends laugh at us when we turn up in matching Mulberry coats. Or when my friends catch a glimpse of his collar. They laugh and the line is always the same “Laura only you would have your dog in a Barbour collar!” What can I say the boy has style! He likes to look good.

I have however for the last 3 years been desperate for the colder weather to get Zig a fleece lined quilted Barbour jacket to keep him warm (and to match my coat). After years of measuring thousands of dogs for coats that fit properly I noticed that the sizing and fit of Barbour dog coats is slightly off.

For the width to length ratio and the length is not standard industry standard dog coat sizing, which means that Ziggy is missing out on a Barbour….so Barbour if you’re reading this please, please adjust the sizing as I used to get hundreds of people annually saying the same thing. I’m just a phone call away and can be at the South Shields office in 15 minutes…


The door went and a DPD box arrived on my desk last Friday addressed to me. I opened it wondering what it could be and my face lit up. The courier greeted me with treats for Ziggy. I called him over (after taking some obligatory photos of course) and his tail started wagging is I pulled a packet of Pet Munchies Chicken Strips from the box. How did know these are up there as his ultimate favourite treats!5 Dog Toys & Treats from - Ziggy's Haul 1

It’s a dog’s life

With a view that many would think I’m crazy that my dog doesn’t get anything that a human wouldn’t eat I am extremely picky about the food and treats he is fed. Funnily enough so is he. So much that when sales reps came into my store they used to ask if they could give him one of their treats to trial.

My first question was always “would you eat it?”. If they said yes I’d always say you can try but he probably won’t take it. They’d try their best to give him the goodies they had brought. The treats he’d eat from the reps certainly guaranteed them a sale. You could say he was the product picker?

Petplan Pethood Stories - Pet Census 2018 discovering the UK's pet habits | Dog Blog | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Pet Munchies are a favourite in our household mainly because they’re human-grade meat with no additives and preservatives. There are a great variety of different meats to choose from such as duck, chicken, beef and even their dried fish skin range which are a massive hit with both Ziggy and his Italian Spinone cousin Reiver! With a packet of Pet Munchies, you can get Ziggy to give you a kiss, dance, count to 10, hold your hand. Even making him doing my favourite,  Plie like a Ballet dancer! Impressive, however, you won’t see us on Britain’s Got Talent anytime soon though!

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Food glorious food

Next out of the box were two bags of Canagan Small Breed Free-Run Chicken from My heart stopped, I didn’t know how this was going to go down. It took us about 30 bags of different branded food after hours of research on the internet to find a dried complete food for Ziggy to eat that he’d firstly eat and secondly enjoy. After our efforts, he picked Lily’s Kitchen Chicken & Vegetable Bake.

This was the big test. Opening the packet of Canagan in all the excitement I got him to sit and to perform his repertoire of tricks to receive the kibble as a treat. After he got the taste I put a few pieces in my hand and he devoured the lot. I couldn’t believe my eyes and after 3 handfuls later a victory roared around the house.

Petplan Pethood Stories - Pet Census 2018 discovering the UK's pet habits | Dog Blog | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

He may be a nightmare to find a dried food he likes but he’s the world’s easiest dog to feed. He has his Green filled with kibble every morning and left and he can come and go as he pleases as he’s a grazer during the day, he then gets a cooked meat such as chicken or steak at tea time when we eat and then just before bed he finishes off the kibble in the Green.

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If you haven’t heard of a Green we suggest you look into one they’re fabulous for quick eaters of for dogs that require a little bit of a challenge like Ziggy.

Thanks, for giving him an alternative to the Lily’s in the form of Canagan and we are thrilled. I won’t bore you with the nutritional specifics, however, he’s a quick overview. With no grains in the formula (dogs struggle to break down grains and wheat as it’s unnatural for them just like us humans) the food is a 60/40 mix of meat and vegetables. This is a perfect balance for our little terrier. With added chondroitin for his joints, seaweed to help keep his teeth clean and chamomile and peppermint for calming factors both Ziggy and I loved this new discovery.

Finally in the box was an Animate stuffing-less toy, there’s one thing that Ziggy loves and it’s a new toy so can you imagine him when he saw this. He was on his hind legs with his front paws in the air waiting for me to hand him it. His toy collection puts a toddler’s playroom to shame, he just loves playing games and often makes his own up.

Loves his toy box

For a terrier he’s actually very gentle with his toys, although I’ve heard some rave reviews from customers of mine in the past who bought the same stuffing-less toys, the dogs were unable to destroy the toy because it had no filling and the owners had peace of mind as they knew as there was no stuffing in the toys that theirfavourite four legged friends wouldn’t choke or ingest the insides of the toy. Ziggy has had a great time so far throwing this toy about and carrying it around in his mouth.

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