What Dog Treats Should I Feed My Dog

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Petplan Pethood Stories - Pet Census 2018 discovering the UK's pet habits | Dog Blog | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

It was often a hotly contested subject when I used to own my own dog boutique (Ziggy Chews back in the day) as to what dog treats should you feed your dog? Each dog is different and if they’re anything like my little Ziggy some can be extremely fussy too. That’s why today we delve into which type of treats you can feed your dog?

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Dog treats – Meat treats

These have grown in popularity over the last few years and with a more holistic approach to dog food and feeding there is a greater selection of meat treats on the market now, more than ever before. 

These air-dried or freeze-dried treats are often either meaty pieces or often liver, like a jerky kind of style treat. They’re great for puppies during early training as they’re full of flavour and of course, natural. So you know that you’re not putting any nasties into their bodies. Often pet food brands offer treats to complement their pet food offering. If your dog likes their dog treats, they might also like their food.

Alternatively, if you’re a raw feeder you can feed your dog frozen bones (that haven’t been cooked), Ziggy is partial to chicken wing tips, however, there are all different types of raw frozen treats for your dog, such as ½ sheep heads, chicken livers and even frozen pig snouts. 

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Healthy dog chews

There’s nothing Ziggy enjoys more on an evening than a new dog chew especially a plaited chew from a reputable dog treat manufacturer. He spends ages unpicking each of the strands. Eats his favourite first and then chews on the other two strands over the night.

You can pick up some great chews including ones with fruit and vegetables in from https://healthy-chews.com/products/.

These chews are great for keeping your dog’s teeth clean. As well as helping to keep your dog’s jaw strong and active. They’re also a great distraction for your dog if they are a chewer and like to gnaw at your belongings.  

Petplan Pethood Stories - Pet Census 2018 discovering the UK's pet habits | Dog Blog | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Fish skins

As crazy as it sounds dried fish skins are a great treat for your dog. They’re full of essential natural Omega 3 fatty oils which are great not only for your dog’s joints but also their coats too. The skins also help clean your dog’s teeth. Dehydrated fish skins are the best for your dog if you can stand the smell! Ziggy loves to roll in them before eating them, yum!

Have you got any treat ideas for dogs? If so let me know in the comments below

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