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What Dog Food Should I Be Feeding My Puppy Or Dog?

My first business was all about dogs. Dog food, dog collars, dog treats, dog clothing so it’s safe to say that this first business inspired by my Jack Russell, Ziggy has given me so much knowledge that I’m borderline dog food-obsessed.

I am more bothered about what we feed 7-year-old Ziggy than we feed ourselves. He’s had a strict no grain diet ever since I can remember because although hardy, dog’s digestive systems aren’t designed to process and break down grain. Whilst I had my first business I did a lot of research into dog food and only sold holistic, clean and healthy brands such as Lily’s Kitchen, Natural Instinct, Barking Heads and Orijen and Acana in my store.

These dog food brands also don’t use meat and animal derivatives which are the parts of the animal that aren’t fit for human consumption and have no nutritional value. Why you’d feed your dog something with no nutritional value somewhat confuses me? Anyways. I can pick apart a dog food label like there’s no tomorrow.

Anything with the word derivative such as milk or vegetable you should avoid like the plague. You also need to be careful with the fats they use to bind their food too as many brands who offer convenience (supermarket brands) use the fat and oils from the fish and chip shops from the deep fat fryers as it’s cheap to purchase. Again why would you feed your dog that trash?

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I mean I’m not saying you shouldn’t as there are many factors that input into choosing a dog’s food including budget, availability and even sometimes lack of the ingredients due to the big manufacturers such as Mars, P&G and Colgate (yes they own all the supermarket brands, believe it or not!) putting so much money into their advertising to make the consumer or purchaser here (because I wouldn’t want to pop round to your house and be offered a dog biscuit with my tea) believe that the product is of high quality but at a great price.

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I care about what I feed my dog and I’m not here to judge what you feed your dog but what I’m here to do is make you aware of what the marketing teams at these multi-million-pound organisations fail to tell you.

For years, ever since I can remember in fact, since my obsession with dog food nutrition began we have fed Ziggy Lily’s Kitchen. It’s a great, hypoallergenic food which is rich in herbs and vitamins. The milk thistle settles stomachs, the dandelion root is great as a liver tonic and helps to remove toxins from the body via the kidneys. The meat is human grade, there’s no grain contained and since day one Ziggy has really thrived on this food.

It’s actually funny, he chose it himself after putting an assortment of about 15 food samples out in ramekins for him to choose, ignoring the rest he ate that pot and cried for more and more. He’s tried other foods over the years for a change, in fact, his first dog blog was about a change of food last year, but he didn’t stick to it.

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I’m always looking for alternatives as a change now and again, I mean I wouldn’t want to eat the same thing every day of my life, so why would he?

Yes, I know what you’re about to say…they don’t recommend switching your dog’s food about. Correct. However, when it’s of the same quality as in, highest quality possible then we don’t have an issue. It’s only and only when there’s an increase (or decrease?) in the quality of the food, where it’s too rich for their stomachs to cope.

After seeing various adverts and hearing friends talk about Tails.com I started researching into the ingredients and discovered it was a tailor-made programme with a resource bank of millions of different recipe combinations for your dog.

A bespoke package for your dog based on the information that you provide about their weight, age, breed, activity, food preferences. They ask you questions about what you feed alongside the dry food (kibble) and their body type. This in-depth analysis takes about 5-10 minutes to complete and if you’re serious about feeding your dog well then it’s well worth your time.

Once you’ve submitted the information the site then gives you a rundown of the food. The size of the bag that will last the month, how much you should be feeding them to the exact gram. If you look at other packets of dog food there’s a rough guide, this is specific. It tells you how many calories your dog should be consuming daily.

Unlike other bags of dog food which usually come in 2kg, 7kg and 15kg size Tails.com come in a size suited to your dog. For Ziggy, 3.92kg is supposed to last him the month based on their calculations.

What Dog Food Should I Be Feeding My Puppy Or Dog? 2

Upon ordering you are able to change, amend and stipulate the day you wish it to be sent, the payment is taken and if you require the food more often or less often. You can also pause or cancel your delivery at any point.

The order is shipped out and delivered with efficiency. The bag comes personalised which is a great novel touch if you have a single dog, more than one dog? You see why they’ve done it now? To make your life easier! Alongside the food is a personalised scoop which weighs out the perfect amount for your dog.

In all honesty and I felt bad when the food arrived and we weighed out the food and then we noticed that we were underfeeding Ziggy with his previous food, however, he is a grazer and eats a protein meal on a nighttime with whatever protein source we will be eating so is often fed on chicken, steak or fish for his evening meal. He isn’t a greedy dog so his kibble is left down for him and we often play games with him for him to eat more kibble.

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He absolutely loves putting kibble in his Green Feeder too as it keeps him stimulated and entertained. Originally designed for greedy dogs and those who eat fast the grass like shape is designed to make your dog work for their food, however, with an extremely intelligent and a dog like Ziggy who likes to constantly be entertained this is perfect for him getting to eat his kibble.

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We opened the bag after he sat looking, sniffing and then crying for it to be opened, threw one piece in the air to be caught and held our breath in anticipation. Was he going to eat it or spit it out? The world’s fussiest dog lives here and guess what he ate it, cried for some more, ate it all and cried for some more. I guess we have a convert here.

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As for me, I’m happy the meat content is high, good quality human-grade meat with the carbohydrate used being sweet potato, a complex carbohydrate with a slow-release for energy and not hard to digest grain.

There is a gravy to bind the food instead of unhealthy fat and high levels of glucosamine and chondroitin which are amazing for his arthritic knees alongside the addition of the seaweed in the mixture (this is used to also bind the food). It’s almost as if Tails.com is Ziggy’s own personal nutritionist. We asked and they delivered.

He can’t eat turkey, I don’t like him eating grain, he doesn’t enjoy lamb and he requires extra vitamins and minerals for his arthritis. All of these questions asked have enabled us to find a personalised food that not only he enjoys but I am more than happy to feed him at the convenience of being delivered straight to my front door daily!

Want to get personalised great quality nutrition for your dog for only £1 delivery? Of course, you do! There’s no code to input just simply click here to feed your dog like the King or Queen they are!

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