Ways to Stop Your Puppy From Eating Everything Outside

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If you have ever had a dog, you probably know the struggle of constantly checking what they are chewing in their mouth, especially if your dog is still a curious and untrained puppy. Licking and chewing may be the way your Fido chooses to get to know the world. As long as you are there to keep an eye on what it is, it should not be dangerous, and your dog can quite easily be taught otherwise.

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Why does your puppy may be prone to eat everything?

In most cases, it is completely normal for a puppy to try new things with their teeth and tongue. Taste is just another sense that all animals use to find their way around their surroundings. 

It may be a matter of proper training and making sure that your puppy doesn’t lack anything. Visit My Sweet Puppy, read other sources, or consult with a professional to learn what dogs need to thrive. Your Fido doesn’t have to be hungry to have lacks and cravings. A dog may be full at all times and still not get all the necessary nutrients. 

However, there are some conditions and disorders that may make your dog eat everything. Several of them will require professional help from a veterinarian, nutritionists, or behaviourist, so it’s vital to keep a close eye on your four-legged friend and stay in contact with a specialist.

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What can you do to stop your puppy from eating everything?

Start training from the very beginning

As soon as your puppy starts walking around, you should begin with the training. Make sure to let your dog know whenever they do something wrong. Don’t let them chew on anything that’s not their food or their toy. 

It will also be helpful to reward good behaviours; for example, when your dog realizes they’re doing something wrong and decides to drop it, or when they listen to your command. 

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Use distraction

It’s best to use any kind of distraction while you train your puppy. If you successfully get them away from chewing something they shouldn’t, give them a chew toy. Just like children, puppies have rather short attention spans, so if you distract them soon enough, they will probably forget what they have been doing before.

The best way to keep your dog from eating everything they see is to make sure they are occupied. If your walks are more than merely walking around, your puppy won’t think about exploring too much. Also, if your dog is well-nourished plus worn out by playing and training, they will be less willing to taste everything in their way.

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Stay consistent with your training

If you decide to train your dog by yourself, remember always to stay consistent. Teach your dog to respond to “no” or “drop it” and keep in mind that they don’t actually understand the words, so if you change the command, you can only confuse them.

Puppy-proof your surroundings if possible

Most puppies outgrow their proneness to chew on everything. So while they’re still growing, apart from training and making sure they know whenever they do something wrong, you can try adjusting your surroundings. It’s quite easy when it comes to your house, but what about the time you spend outside? 

Well, there’s not much you can do if you take your dog for walks to a park or in the neighborhood. You can only choose the places where you know there aren’t too many dangerous things that can be swallowed. However, puppies will also eat grass and plants, so you still need to stay cautious, as some greens may be poisonous or even lethal to dogs. 

If you only allow your dog to run around your backyard, you can make sure that it’s as puppy-proof as possible, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep an eye on them.

Keeping your dog from parasites | Dog Blog | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Don’t leave your puppy alone outside

Keep a close eye on your dog whenever you go for a walk or play outside. Make sure you know what they’re doing. Some plants are extremely dangerous to canine health or even life, not to mention that an unaware puppy may swallow something and choke. 

The best way to ensure your puppy will outgrow eating everything is to watch your dog, punish wrong behaviors, and reward the right ones.

Don’t ignore the issue

Remember that it’s essential to train your dog from the very beginning. The older they get, the more difficult it is to teach them something new. There is some truth to the saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. If you don’t have too much time yourself or don’t feel qualified, you can always work with a professional trainer. 

Plus, stay in contact with your veterinarian to make sure you react soon enough when there’s something out of the ordinary.

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