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5 Things To Know When Planning a Wedding with North East Wedding Fair

After my nomination at the North East Blog Awards for my website’s blog Serendipity Home Interiors my inbox was inundated with an array of fabulous opportunities.5 Things To Know When Planning a Wedding with North East Wedding Fair 1 The North East Wedding Fair had asked for us to go along and blog about the weekend.

At first, I thought how on earth could I write and interiors post about Weddings. Firstly I’m not getting married. Secondly which angle could I go at it from? Hence why I’m writing over on this blog first until I can find some inspiration for my interiors blog.


Metro Radio Arena transformed for the Wedding Fair

It was last Sunday. My best friend and I turned up at the Metro Radio Arena to explore what was on offer for the brides of the North East. Katie, my best friend since college got engaged last August. She’s virtually all sorted for her wedding next August (she’s so organised). She’s getting married at the beautiful Matfen Hall. We arrived to be greeted with a goodie bag and some cakes from the fabulous Kelly Ann’s Cakes who give Brighton cake masters Choccywoccydoodah a right run for their money!

We decided to strategically work the floor plan so we’d not miss anything out heading past the stand for the Vermont Hotel, we walked past vintage bridal boutiques, quirky table decorations, we ended up being accosted by a lady with makeup. She came running over and the next thing I heard was eyebrows. I’m very particular about my eyebrows so I looked at her and said go on then.

Asking how long it took me in a morning to get my eyebrows looking as perfect as they did I replied 5/10 minutes. Within seconds she rubbed them off and within seconds had reapplied with her magic palette some new eyebrows. With a swish of a brush around my face.

I looked over at Katie who couldn’t even look me in the eye. I knew she knew exactly what I was going to say. This was a disaster my eyebrows were all over my face and looked like I had drawn them on after one too many proseccos. In fact after one too many proseccos my efforts are much better than that! I swiftly exited her stand, politely declining to buy her kits.


As we continued along we saw a beautiful bride-to-be trying on a dress at one of the stands. Most stands had amazing discounts. If you were searching for the dress. We stopped and stared at how beautiful she looked, as she stood there modestly embarrassed.5 Things To Know When Planning a Wedding with North East Wedding Fair 2

Turning around the catwalk was about to begin showcasing a multitude of different styles and trends for the coming year. The glitz and glamour placed between the more traditional styles really made an impact.5 Things To Know When Planning a Wedding with North East Wedding Fair 3

There was an endless amount of different stalls all fighting for attention to make your big day stand out and be memorable. As a Vegas junkie, however, I gravitated to the only stall that mattered. The Casino and games stall. Wow. I was in awe, Tragically not by the dresses or the cakes and all the princess dreams but by a roulette table. Need I say any more?

Your name in lights

There were photo booths and lights galore. The one that caught our attention the most was Party Pics Photobooth. Their display was enchanting and eye-catching and both Katie & I looked at each other and smiled the second we saw the LED dance floor. SHE HAS TO HAVE IT!


Even as a chief bridesmaid I thoroughly enjoyed my day looking around and getting to see all the different parts of wedding planning. I know that when it’s my turn I’ll be in my element. Especially after the hotel where I had my 21st birthday party still talk about how fabulous it was…

North East Wedding Fair and Wedding Planning Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog
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