9 Ways to have the most fun on your Honeymoon

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You are so thrilled about your honeymoon that you can hardly contain yourself. You certainly also don’t want your honeymoon to be a dull, unpleasant experience. You want to relax and enjoy yourself, right? So, to make the most out of your vacation, we have come up with a list of exciting activities to get the most fun out of your honeymoon.

First, make sure your entire journey is well-planned

If you put some thought into the itinerary for your honeymoon, you can maximise your pleasure. But, first, you and your partner should plan out your daily activities, including where you’ll go, for how long, what sights and activities you’ll enjoy in the evening, and how much money you’ll spend on things like eating out and drinking with friends (or other couples).

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Get ready for anything

Remember that you must always be ready for any eventuality. The weather is likely to change at any moment, so come prepared. On your honeymoon, an umbrella is an absolute must-have.

Learn the specifics of your purchase

Learn the specifics of your purchase. Be cautious to clarify with the hotel what parts of your stay will cost extra. For example, upgrades are something you either know about or completely ignore. Hotels may charge more for upgrades, while some may not accept them (even when provided by a third party like Orbitz).

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Feel free to settle in

It’s easy to put on the tourist mentality while you’re away from home. While it’s admirable that you want to see and experience everything, you should also remember to put yourself first once in a while. Making yourself home on your honeymoon, even by bringing along familiar items from your place, is a great way to unwind and enjoy the experience.

Pack some ‘surprises’

On your Honeymoon, you can try experimenting with new things. While most couples are too busy being intimate to think about adult toys, some things can come in handy as a couple.

Another great idea is to go to an adult store together, so you can both pick out a toy to play with later on. But, of course, you could also go online and check what adult toys are available before deciding which ones to buy together as a couple!

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Separate on Occasion

The honeymoon should be spent with your new spouse rather than apart from them. Try to prioritize spending time together on your honeymoon; you’ll have plenty of time to spend apart after you return home. Try to do something together every day, whether it’s sharing a meal or enjoying a shared hobby.

Interact With Nature

There are plenty of options available. You can go for a walk or hike in the forest, have a picnic, go fishing or bird watching, and also go on a whale-watching tour or visit one of the many tropical islands in the world where you can swim with dolphins. But even if it’s not quite that exotic, there are still plenty of ways to get closer to nature.

Do something different as a Couple

Get out of your comfort zone and do something exciting. Scuba diving and rock climbing are two activities that might be fun for you and your partner to learn. Get out of your comfort zone and consume something completely new.

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Indulge In Festivities

Look for festivals that celebrate your new union. For example, in Thailand, couples tie strings around their wrists and walk around town together to be blessed by monks.

With any luck, you’ve found some inspiration for new activities to add variety and excitement to your honeymoon from this list.

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