8 Gift Ideas that Will Make your Friends Laugh

We all know that when people are sad or going through tough times, laughter really is the best medicine to lighten the burden felt by people most of the time. So why not get your friends something that can make them have a smile on their faces?

Since these gift ideas are a little on the humour side, it is better to offer a bouquet of roses from this online flower shop to show them, love, as well. There are a plethora of gift ideas that will make your friends laugh really hard and long when you give or deliver such a gift to them, some of such gifts or gift ideas include:

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Dance shower curtain

The dance shower curtain gift idea is a funny gift that will make someone smile, laugh and feel good about themselves. There are many different styles and designs available at online retailers such as Amazon, so you should have no problem finding one that suits your friend’s taste (or tastelessness).

Avocado pool float

If you’re looking for a fun pool float that will make people laugh, look no further. This unique and colorful item is made from durable foam and comes with a mesh bag for easy transport and storage. It also comes in a variety of colours so it will match any backyard decor you may have. 

Farting animals

Farting animals are a relatively new toy that has gained popularity amongst both kids and adults. There’s something about the sound of farts, both human and animal, that just makes us laugh. And it’s not just because it’s funny to make noises with your mouth (that would be weird). It’s because farting is funny. 

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Brianne the cheesemonger cat t-shirt

This gift is ideal for people that love cats and cheese. Brianne the cheesemonger cat is looking into a wheel of cheese with a thoughtful expression on her face. The message reads: “I’m thinking about cheese”. This makes it an ideal gift for people who love to eat (or just talk about) cheese, but also have an appreciation for humour. This shirt can be worn by women or men alike, so it’s great if you want to give something fun and silly that will make your friend laugh no matter their gender.

It’s wine o’clock sign

This is a gift that will make your friends laugh, but it’s also practical and serves as a great reminder to enjoy life. The sign is made from sturdy resin, so it won’t break if someone accidentally knocks into it. The marker-style font makes the message easy to read from any distance.

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A Ball Gag

Hear me out. We all have that one friend who doesn’t know how to keep quiet for more than 5 seconds – so why not make fun of it? Imagine the shock on their face when they open a ball gag up infront of all of your friends and everyone knows exactly why they received it. It’ll certainly make for a funny Instagram picture that’s for sure!

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WTF candy machine

In addition to being a fun gift for a friend or family member, this machine also makes for an excellent decoration for your office or kitchen. You can choose from light-up candy dispensers that look like old video game consoles (or both!), which will add some colour and fun to any room. 

Sushi pillow

This pillow is shaped like a sushi roll and it comes in three different colours: red, green and black. It’s made from 100% cotton and measures 20 inches x 8 inches, so you can use it to prop up your head while reading or watching TV.

This Sushi pillow is designed with a removable cover which is machine washable guaranteeing easy cleaning. This sushi pillow makes for a good gift to make your friend laugh whenever they look at it given that the pillow is designed to look like sushi. 


We hope that you’ve found some really great gift ideas here, to present to your friends and put a smile on your friend’s faces when they look at the gift you have given them. These gifts do not necessarily have to be expensive.