Think sensuous, think provocative, think indulgent, think dangerous fun and you will capture the rich essence of the Kilian perfumery house.

Attending the Fenwick beauty week in Newcastle I was absolutely enthralled by the collection of deep and mysterious fragrances of this luxurious brand. When you initially see the collection with distinctive branding it is evident that there is something far deeper than the perfume itself.

From the sense of the styling, I imagine Kilian Hennessey as mysterious, flamboyant, intuitive, sultry and slightly wicked in the best possible sense of the word. This is where Kilian has struck gold, in a few short moments the smells, sights and touch of the display has conjured within me a vision of the creator, whether it is the right or wrong vision is immaterial, Kilian has specifically set out (and for me certainly succeeded) to evoke more to the wearer than simply a fabulous smell.

The attention to detail is incredibly creative, artistic, dark yet playful and somewhat addictive. A complete concept thought through in entirety to evoke emotion, memory, colour, feeling and passion to reach out to all of your senses. The names of the perfumes are provocative and playful they bring out a little naughty streak I feel; Black Phantom, Good Girl Gone Bad, Intoxicated, Straight To Heaven. The bottles are tactile, the packaging; a beautiful sarcastic skull jewellery box, a sophisticated gold serpent evening clutch bag, an opulent decanter, so much more than a bottle of scent. These are fragrances to display and not solely to wear, dramatic and theatrical, whimsically macabre.

Although contemporary there is something slightly vintage about the unisex nature of the fragrances, while some are distinctive in gender there is a gentle cross over which enhances the appeal.


The Fenwick Beauty Hall is a prime location for the brand, set within the ensemble of fine fragrances this exceptional product stands out amongst the crowd. The price point is at the higher end of the fragrance market, although the bottles are refillable. Lauren & Lily’s knowledge of the fragrances, the Kilian story and their own passion for you to experience another dimension are captivating.

A fine fragrance is a reflection of your personality, your feelings, your mood, your memories, your aura and like selecting a fine wine choosing your scent can be a personal voyage of discovery. I was fortunate enough to be given a fragrance ‘tasting’ and this was a perfect way in which to experience the perfumery and it seemed to me that this is something that should be done far more often.

Selections of perfumes were displayed amongst the fruits, nuts, spirits and spices that were brought together creating the wonderful combinations for each particular fragrance. I was invited to taste, smell and touch the display while sampling each fragrance. Sitting chatting, it was apparent it is more about the recall of a memory, a person, a place or a time that fragrances bring to the forefront.

One of the newest additions to the collection (and my personal favourite) ‘Black Phantom’, the bottle nestled amongst rum, almonds, coffee beans and brown sugar was the perfect visual, taste, smell and touch to express this deep and sensual fragrance. Conversely, experiencing ‘Moonlight In Heaven’ which was presented with citrus fruits, mango, coconut milk and rice felt fresh and reminiscent of clean white linen on a tropical cabaña.

I found this way of experimenting with the fragrances was a great idea and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to participate. Kilian has only been available in Fenwick since October and with over 20 of the fragrances available in store this is certainly a brand that will appeal to the discerning North East market.


Elle Blonde

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