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Music Makes You Lose Control. Retro Twisting with My VQ DAB Radios

Vinyl, Tape, CD, Digital. Music has really progressed in terms of how we listen to it, so let’s talk DAB Radios!

Music really does make you lose control. With parents with an eclectic taste in music from an early age. I was fed on David Bowie, Kiss, Poison and even some of my Dad’s own lyrics. True story he once received a letter from the man Ozzy Osbourne himself.

It’s no surprise then that I have got an eclectic taste in music myself. From Drake to Avicii, Ed Sheeran to the sounds of Razorlight and even Limp Bizkit (remember them?) So, if it is dance/house or heavy rock my day, isn’t complete without a background soundtrack.

my vq_dab_digital_radio_hepburn_II_elle_blonde_luxury_lifestyle_blog

Music is a huge part of my life so choosing the right equipment is a huge part of enjoying those toe-tapping beats. DAB is the modern alternative to that crackle of the radio if you’re not standing perfectly on one leg, balancing on a windowsill with the aerial angled at exactly 37.25 degrees pointing 26 degrees north. A DAB radio takes the hassle out of listening to traditional radio.

DAB Radio

The thing is sometimes DAB radios are more sci-fi than homely and look like something that belongs on a spaceship rather than sat on the bookshelf.

my vq_dab_digital_radio_hepburn_II_elle_blonde_luxury_lifestyle_blog

Of course, that’s until you see the MyVQ collection of retro-inspired sound systems. These cute 40s and 50s style radios and sound systems are not what they appear. Equipped with DAB facilities, Bluetooth connectivity and some with USB ports to connect your smartphone.

Available in a magnitude of different colours and patterns they even come with signature designer prints too from the florals of Emma Bridgewater to the iconic Lulu Guinness lips there’s a choice for everybody.

Being a creature of habit and sticking to the neutral palette that I’ve become accustomed to I opted for the cream Hepburn II and MyVQ kindly sent one over for my ears (and eyes).

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my vq_dab_digital_radio_hepburn_II_elle_blonde_luxury_lifestyle_blog

With neutrals and greys, the decor choice in the dining room the Hepburn II sits perfectly on the bookshelf positioned next to no other than a collection of Bowie books.

The radio is simple to use and comes with a battery pack to charge it up and pop it in the car for those summer picnics in the countryside. Don’t forget your kitsch little picnic blanket and the prosecco, while you enjoy the sounds of your favourite artists while you relax in your own piece of paradise.

my vq_dab_digital_radio_hepburn_II_elle_blonde_luxury_lifestyle_blog

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