How to Personalize Your Laptop

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Ah, laptops.

Most of us use them daily to do our job, answer emails, study, take notes in class, or mindlessly browse through hundreds of YouTube videos in one evening.

Whatever you use your laptop for one this is sure — it’s a pretty vital piece of tech. And rightfully so, these little machines have enabled us to stay connected to the world, keep in touch with our loved ones and even build businesses from scratch, giving us the opportunities to achieve our dreams.

So, it’s only normal for us to search for ways to personalize our laptops. Whether it would be through stickers or skins or apps, we’re all looking to make our portable computers look funkier and be more optimized for the type of work we use them for.

But, then comes begging the question — how do we customize our laptops? It’s a tough question to answer, as everybody likes different types of things, that’s why we’ll give our top suggestions. Ready? Let’s get started!

Add stickers to make the outside of your laptop stand out and truly yours.

Probably the most popular way to customize your laptop is through stickers. We recommend using hydro flask stickers as they’re extra durable and water-resistant (for those moments that you spill coffee or juice over your laptop).

And if there’s one trick that we can recommend when it comes to choosing the type of stickers you go for, it’s to chose what you’re passionate about.

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Do you like movies? Then go with a sticker of your favourite movie! Or your favourite musician, or a place that you really love.

The whole point of personalizing your laptop is to communicate your passions and interests.

A laptop case is another awesome way to add a bit of colour to an otherwise boring piece of tech. (Laptop skins also do a great job)

And if you don’t feel particularly okay with sticking stickers on your laptop, then a case is another great option for you.

Moreover, a laptop case is a great way to protect your computer, especially if you’ve spent a substantial amount of money on it.

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There are plenty of good looking, nice feeling laptop cases out there, but keep in mind that they will add thickness and weight to your computer.

And if you don’t want to add weight or size to your machine, then you can go with a laptop skin. Macbooks have plenty of options available from numerous different companies in various price points for you to choose from. But keep in mind that price and quality in laptop skins do correspond, so don’t go with the cheapest one.

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Depending on the OS your laptop is running, you can really go wild with the software side of personalization.

And while the outside of your laptop is a great thing to spice up, don’t forget to make the software more exciting.

How to make Netflix nights better | Technology | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

See, most of the operating systems that laptops come out of the box are pretty awesome already. They’re quick, smooth, and help us do our jobs on a daily basis. But that doesn’t mean that we should skip making them truly our owns. In our opinion, it’s best to steer away from third-party personalization apps, and just play around with the default setting on your machine until you achieve a look that you’re happy with.

And yet, don’t forget that the best way to personalize your laptop is to personalize it for productivity.

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