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6 Reasons Why Women Are Increasingly Getting Into Online Poker | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

6 Reasons Why Women Are Increasingly Getting Into Online Poker

When discussing industries and their growth – we should definitely mention the online casino industry as one of the fastest-growing ones in the last few years. Especially this year, with the pandemic and the lockdowns – gambling online is the safer and only choice for a great number of players.

6 Reasons Why Women Are Increasingly Getting Into Online Poker | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Women – Lovers of Online Poker

As the number of online casinos is on the rise, so is the number of players. This goes for both men and women alike. In the past, gambling was seen as more of a man’s field.

However, things change, and today women enjoy online casino games. Out of the vast choice of games, online poker is undoubtedly among the top three games women prefer playing online and can do so here.

No-No to Land-Based Casinos

Even though women today find online poker exciting and thrilling, going to a land-based casino or a poker’s club to play a round or two is still a bit uncomfortable for them.

Women are hesitant to visit a land-based casino because those places are filled with men who drink and smoke, and it is rarely (if ever) packed with female players. It is a process, though. It may take some time, but ladies will leave their mark as players in all kinds of casinos. It’s just a matter of time.

6 Reasons Why Women Are Increasingly Getting Into Online Poker 1

Contrary to the more traditional poker, online poker is quite popular amongst women. This may come as a surprise for many, but studies show that more than one-third of online poker players are actually women.

Poker, be it online or not, has always been an easy choice for men, but women have started showing more and more interest since the game has got its online counterpart.

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No Intimidation

One of the main reasons why women tend to play online more is the fact that they can learn the game without feeling intimidated. Even if they are slower learners, there will certainly be less uncomfortable situations online rather than when playing live.

Even after they become proficient players, it is still the more comfortable and more pleasant option, for now at least.

6 Reasons Why Women Are Increasingly Getting Into Online Poker | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Lower Stakes

Another reason is the lower stakes online casinos provide. Women are not such big risk-takers as men, and even though they enjoy the game and excitement it offers, they still prefer gambling less money. Plus, they prefer reading casino reviews first, learning the details, testing the water and then deciding if they want to play on that particular casino.

For example, they can land on a review of Wildz Casino and see what it has to offer and learn everything about the deals, bonuses, game choices, and whatnot. If they find it attractive, they can start having some fun. Of course, this goes for all online casinos. 

Time to Relax

Men and women are different in many things, and even though online poker is the same for everyone, men and women still have their differences. First, they play for different reasons. Men like the action, the atmosphere, and they play to win.

On the other hand, women mostly see the game as an escape from their daily routines. They use this time to relax, and even though they are competitive, they like the game for social reasons too. Women indeed use chat options more than men.

Convenient Way of Enjoying Gambling

The next reason why the online version of the game is increasingly popular is the convenience factor. This is a big plus for both genders, really. Who doesn’t like playing their favorite game from the comfort of their home? Hop on your favorite online casino, and you are simply a few clicks away from enjoying the game.

6 Reasons Why Women Are Increasingly Getting Into Online Poker 2

Women are a bit busier at home, but online casinos make it possible for them to play according to their own schedule and free time. They won’t have to waste any time getting all dressed up, driving up to the land-based casino, waiting for a table, and driving back. This can take hours at a time, and some women can’t afford to spend all that time away from home.

To Sum up

As already stated, men and women experience the game quite differently. Men tend to be a bit louder, and some women get distracted by that kind of behavior.

Regardless of the type of player men can be, women enjoy playing online poker at peace and communicating with fellow players they see fit. If someone crosses a line, she can simply turn off the chat or block that player, and that is it. No-fuss, no drama.

Ladies, if you want a way to relax and enjoy a few thrilling rounds of poker – going online is your best choice. You will certainly learn the game in no time and improve your skills.

Once you enter the world of online poker, you will see why there are so many other female players already playing daily. Have fun, and good luck!

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