4 Ways How to Use Fragrance to Boost Your Mood 1

4 Ways How to Use Fragrance to Boost Your Mood

Do you find yourself smelling a log-fire and immediately thinking of your favourite Christmas? Or getting a whiff of sea-salt and fantasising about the best summer of your life? That’s the power of scent, right there.

According to experts, fragrance can move us in many mysterious ways. By selecting the right ingredients for your perfume, you can effectively alter your mind. Not convinced? Read on! 

4 Ways How to Use Fragrance to Boost Your Mood 2

The science part…

Scents have the power to take your mood to new places; thanks largely to the association. If you are exposed to smell in a particular scenario (for example, your mother’s homecooked lasagne), then every time you detect that aroma in the future, you’ll be taken back to the memories you associate with it.

That’s why it’s possible to literally brainwash yourself with a scent. However, firstly you’ve got to build the association, then you’ve got to use the power of fragrance to the max. 

Aromas for getting confident

Confidence is a great thing – you only have to look at celebrities like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and even Leonardo DiCaprio to see how wonderful it is to feel good about yourself. As a general rule, ‘confident’ fragrance ingredients are strong and uncompromising. Think pink pepper. A punch of citrus. Some seriously sensual sandalwood. Usually, luxury ingredients pave the way for a scent of confidence.


Start wearing perfume with those flavours in it (or a mix of them), whenever you’re feeling good about yourself. Then after a while, when you’re feeling a bit lacking in confidence, spray the perfume on again. It should take you back to feeling full of self-love!

Fragrances for feeling sexy as hell

If you want to feel like you’re oozing sex appeal, look for perfumes that feature heady, exotic scents like patchouli, cedarwood, musk or oud. Oud oil is particularly sensual and has been used in perfume-making for centuries again, especially in luxury perfumes.

Wear it when you’re out with your partner, then afterwards, whenever you want to be reminded of those romantic evenings, give it another spray. It’ll take you right back to the moment. 

Do you have a favourite scent? We headed to the fine fragrance section in Fenwick Newcastle's Beauty Hall to dive into the Kilian Fragrance bonanza to find our new signature favourite scent.

Here’s a useful tip – some masculine scents are really sexy (and suitable for women). Colonia Intensa Oud is the perfect example – the oud in this Eau de Parfum is unmistakable.

Perfumes that take you away

On a wet winter day, it’s great to lie back and fantasise about the summer. Fragrances have an uncanny ability to help you to do this. Simply take them on holiday with you, wear them every day, then when you return home, spray them on again to recreate the magic. You’ll get a scent and instantly be transported back to your holiday memory. 

4 Ways How to Use Fragrance to Boost Your Mood 3

As for the right summery scent? Look for perfumes with exotic ingredients, like cinnamon and other spices (ideal for evoking Northern Africa) or bergamot and lime (perfect for the Mediterranean). Light floral scents are also great for evoking summer memories.

Scents that relax…

If you’re looking for an aroma that calms and soothes you, then firstly, start adding essential oils like lavender and vetiver to your bath before bedtime. These ingredients are known to relax and unwind you. Then, search for perfumes that feature those ingredients too. When you spray them, you’ll immediately be transported back to that comfortable, warm place – which is useful if you often feel stressed out at work.

These fragrances alongside chamomile and often thyme can help you get a great night sleep due to their properties.

Have you got any other tips for how fragrances can impact your mood? I’d love to hear them in the comments section below. As always, if you’ve found this article of any value we’d love you to share it with your friends and family and Pin to Pinterest.

4 Ways How to Use Fragrance to Boost Your Mood 4
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