Pizza. One of the sweetest words to my ears. Also ironically one of my very first words as a baby. Pizza and car. I’ll let you deduce what you wish from that.

Anyways, you know I’m a big Pizza Express fan, don’t you? I have loved the brand for as long as I can remember. I have a great appreciation for a great quality pizza. One of my best primary school trips was to the local Pizza Express where we made pizzas and found out all about the day-to-day running of the restaurant. I vividly remember that they momentarily shut us inside the huge walk-in freezer, which was a great laugh to a giggling bunch of 8-year-olds!

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Fast forward to today though, Pizza Express is not just a restaurant chain, they’re so much more than that. They now sell their products up and down supermarkets across the country.

This season sees the launch of the brand new Leggera pizzas to cook at home. The brand new range uses tasty ingredients lovingly spread across a multi-grain base which has been specifically designed to create a lighter eat, without compromising on flavour.

In the restaurant, they serve Leggera pizzas with the salad in the centre and remove the inside base. So, it’s highly recommended to enjoy the full propensity of the pizza at home, you serve with a nice fresh Italian salad too.

Top tip: their dough balls are to die for

With the promise of 44% less saturated fat than the Classic range, we put the new pizzas to the test. Available from Waitrose and priced at £3.79 per pizza we think that these are great value for money.

Unlike the restaurant pizzas where they are round with a hole in the middle for your salad, these pizzas are rectangular shaped and perfectly created to serve one. Which is far better than having to buy a huge pizza if you have nobody to share it with. You know, it’s kind of an unwritten rule you enjoy the left over for breakfast the next day? Oh right,…just me then?

Back to the Leggera range.

Currently, it consists of two different topping choices; firstly, Chicken and Vegetable which contains a mix of Aubergine, Peppers, Semi Dried Tomatoes & Basil Pesto. Then there’s the vegetarian pizza. Squash, Kale and Goats Cheese. The Chicken Leggera weighs 205g and the Squash weighs in at 185g.

The pizzas are flavoursome, full of topping and absolutely delicious. They’re perfect for creating an evening meal for under 500 calories. Light, yet filling they’re a healthier alternative to other leading pizzas.

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