Today we have Guest Blogger Lau from Mailiblue My Mind telling us why Fall is the best time to travel! Take it away.

Traveling is great at any time of the year but if I had to choose I would take Fall. I think it’s the time when I travelled the most, and I would keep doing it again and again! Not only because flights tend to be cheaper than in summer or Christmas/Easter but also for some other reasons which make me enjoy a city more than other times.

–          Weather: the weather in this season is better than summer and winter, no doubt. It is perfect! Something in between the scorching days of August  and the dead cold days of January. You might need a cardigan or jacket in the morning or at night but during the day you don’t need winter clothes and thousands of layers, depending on where you go, and you are not sweating like in summer. Personally, I have always travelled in November the most and I tend to choose “cold” destinations around Europe , so wind, rain and clouds are expected. Lucky, for me November can be still a bit warm and I have enjoyed rainy cities with sunny days.

–          Colours: The trees look wonderful anywhere, the foliage is magical and offers a wide range of different shades going from dark browns to light yellows. The streets look great and so do the shop windows, which are already decorating for Halloween and displaying also a feeling of cosiness around… I especially loved Belgium during fall. October in Germany  gave me gorgeous landscapes surrounded by mountains that showed thousands of colours in the same picture, while November in Budapest   gave me pictures with rather foggy landscapes – but that was great too!  

–          Scents: street food, terraces still enjoying the sunny (shorter) days with certain scents (chestnuts, sweet potatoes, coffee, chocolate)… Or when you go for a walk around the park and the mix of wet floor and leaves gives a particular fall scent. Barcelona has these kinds of scents since in Catalonia they celebrate Castanyada in late-October and there are many roasted chestnuts around the street.

–          Hot drinks: fall is a great excuse to start going for a hot drink in your favourite cafeterias, or drinking them at home and cozy up. The cafés are also a  great excuse if the weather is behaving a bit too wintery or rain starts making a show.

–          The city can be yours (a bit): there are fewer tourists and less crowded streets and it certainly gets better to visit a place without having to bump into people constantly. You can also stay longer outside during the day since in August there are times no one goes around due to the hot weather…and depending on the place you don’t have to wait until night to get darker skies and see street lights.

I always found there were many advantages of traveling around during the fall season though that is a matter of taste. I am already thinking about my annual fall trip… and still, have to choose a destination! Which one do you think it will be? Maybe repeating a city I like or trying a new one out… stay tuned…:)




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