5 Things You Need To Know About Bermuda Entertainment

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What You Need To Know About Bermuda Entertainment | Travel Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Ever wonder about Bermuda? The wonders and formations to behold? Bermuda is a historic place that goes as far back. For inspiration, go to Bermuda.

5 Things You Need To Know About Bermuda Entertainment 1

Fun Facts About Bermuda    

Bermuda is an interesting and scenic place to visit. Here are some amazing things to know about Bermuda:

-A worm that glows in the dark: – The colours and spark that radiates from the Bermuda firework is just captivating. 

-The city with the highest shipwreck in the world: – On the ocean floor of Bermuda, shipwrecked ships as far back as the 1600s are easily seen when snorkelling because the wrecks occur mostly on the ocean’s surface. 

-Demonic myths: – Sailors of time past believed the strange sounds they heard as night approached were due to demonic and witchcraft activity. Actually, this shrieking sound was made by a bird species known as Cahows to allure other birds. 

-Preservation of wildlife birds: – It was thought that the Cahows were extinct but, a group of scientists who visited Bermuda discovered and saved them from extinction. 

-Onion New Year Celebration: – As a former major exporter of the best Onions in the world, they celebrate their Christmas and New Year with a giant Onion. 

-A paradise of golf: – More than any country globally, Bermuda has the highest golf courses than any other. Hence, it is mainly played in this region. 

Island Tour Center Bermuda   

This is the main centre that provided touring and recreational activities in Bermuda. The Island Tour is well experienced and offers top-notch services, simple online bookings, and numerous options like (adventures, thrills, boat rides, etc.) that will make your stay active, lovely, and fun. 


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What You Need To Know About Bermuda Entertainment | Travel Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Best Snorkeling Beaches in Bermuda    

Snorkeling is the act of swimming through a water body with the aid of a snorkel (diving mask) for breathing and googles to have a great view of the underwater creatures. 

When the month of May approaches, there is excitement in the air because it’s one of the best months to snorkel in Bermuda till October, when snorkelling is not advisable. Do not snorkel elsewhere besides Bermuda. The top beaches where maximum pleasure can be derived from are:

– Church Bay: – has a narrow reef for locating Marine life. 

– Tobacco Bay: – has a great sight of sea life from the water. 

– Warwick Long Bay: – this beach has pink sand and 

-Jonson’s Cove: – spotting various types and kinds of fish 

– Snorkel Park Beach: – this is just the perfect choice for children and adults. 

– Daniel’s Head Beaches: – is a small beach with clean, transparent water giving a beautiful view of various coloured fish. 

-Hog Bay Park: – this is it for lovers of adventure. 

-Clarence Cove: – is narrow and well protected for children to have fun. 

Bermuda Cave Swimming 

The formation of Bermuda caves started about a million years ago. Members easily access some caves due to their openings on land, while others are beneath water caves accessible to only divers. Cave swimming is also known as “Spelunking”. The caves are: –

– Crystal and Fantasy Cave: – is a famous site for tourist attraction, 17 meters deep, with magnificent water formations and clear reflection. Swimming in this cave is not allowed. 

– Tom Moore’s Jungle: – this consists of the Subway and Walsingham Cave. The Subway is big and dry, while the Walsingham cave has pretty, neat water for swimming. 

– Prospero’s and Cathedral Caves: – These caves can only be accessed by the guests of the resorts for swimming. The cave is well decorated.

– Admirals Cave: – this is undoubtedly one of the widest caves with numerous pools.

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  1. When we can get out of Sydney and Australia; I would love to visit Bermuda! The snorkelling looks great. Are you going to post about accommodation too? It would be great to get a heads up on where to stay!

    Cheers, Kent.

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