Is buying hash legal in Canada?

Yes, it is now legal to buy all cannabis-related products in Canada. There’s not much you can’t get in Canada, and you can add hash to that list. There are some rules and regulations to ensure safe distribution and consumption but don’t worry, they are not too strict and won’t ruin your experience. Before you start searching Google for “Get Kush Weed Dispensary,” let’s take a look at everything you will need to know about the legalities of buying hash in Canada. 

Canada is well-known for its easy-going approach to everything, but does this apply to hash as well? Let’s find out how to find the best online weed Canada. Before moving on to more delicate details of hash legalities in Canada, let’s look at what hash even is and what the general Canadian approach to cannabis products is. 

Is buying hash legal in Canada?


Hash is one of the most popular by-products that come from the cannabis plant. It is made using the resin of the bud of the cannabis plant, which is compressed, processed, and dried out. Hash, however, is also available in the form of oil for more effective and convenient consumption for medical purposes.

One of the main reasons hash is so popular is that it is high in THC, the compound responsible for the euphoric “high” or sense of relaxation that is often associated with the use of cannabis. That means that hash is a psychedelic and can have various benefits for mental health and physical well-being. 

Though there was much controversy and apprehension that surrounded the use of hash, you can’t ignore the fact that more and more people are beginning to use this substance for themselves. Regardless of whether they learn how to make sift-derived hash from the comfort of their own home, or if they decide to buy it from a reputable supplier, people should know that it is generally considered safe and essential for treating specific ailments. Before doing so, however, be sure to speak with a medical practitioner first to talk through your options.

It was only through long-drawn research and hours of debates and discussions in the houses of the government that it legalized hash in the country – it was a huge decision and a pivotal moment in the history of Canada. Let’s take a look at when they made this landmark decision and the initial guidelines that came with it. 

According to an article by Settlement, possession legalized the use of cannabis in Canada on 17 October 2018. The initial guidelines regarding the purchase and use of cannabis were similar to those of tobacco and alcohol – its sale was to be regulated by the government. Private sellers could only sell it if they had a license, and not everyone could buy it. 

Let’s consider the legalities of buying hash in Canada.

Is buying hash legal in Canada?


Making cannabis legal came with its own set of challenges. While ensuring that those who needed cannabis products for improved health could access them, it was also essential to ensure the youth didn’t fall down the trap of addiction by getting cannabis quickly. To do this, we put specific laws and policies in place. Here’s what they look like.

  • According to the Government of Canada, people over 18 can legally buy cannabis as long as they adhere to provincial and territorial restrictions. For instance, the legal age to buy cannabis in some of the provinces of Canada is 19 instead of 18. 
  • One can only possess up to 30gm of cannabis in public; the form does not matter. If it is in the form of a liquid, then it should be the equivalent of 30gm of dried marijuana. 
  • You can only share up to 30gm of cannabis with other adults; anything more will be considered illegal.
  • Some sellers have been approved and licensed for selling cannabis products; you must make your purchase from them as the product you’ll receive will be safe and legal. 
  • Committing crimes relating to cannabis misuse and over-possession fall outside the framework of the criminal code, which is why the punishments have been defined and specified separately. The punishment will be according to the severity of the offenses. 

Let’s look at some other rules regarding cannabis use; these usually differ from province to province. 


While it is perfectly legal to smoke cannabis products in public in some provinces of Canada – Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario – it is considered a criminal offence to smoke cannabis in public in others – Manitoba, Yukon, New Brunswick.


Driving after consuming cannabis is a big no-no. Some of the side effects of using cannabis include drowsiness and a “high” of sorts that can cause distraction. The risk of driving under the influence is relatively high, and it is considered a serious criminal offense.


Even though cannabis is legal in all of Canada, not all states allow the transportation of cannabis across state boundaries. Ensure the regulations regarding transporting cannabis for the provinces you wish to travel to or will cross during your travel. Better safe than sorry.

Is buying hash legal in Canada?


It is a criminal offense to take cannabis outside the borders of Canada and is often punishable by jail time and hefty fines. You are free to smoke cannabis in Canada but don’t even think about taking it outside of the country.


If you feel uncomfortable visiting a Canada cannabis dispensary to purchase your cannabis or want to get it in the comfort of your own home, you can buy it online. Yes, you can buy cannabis products online, and it’s quite an easy process. Don’t worry about going to a store; just look for a trusted seller and purchase on the internet.  


If you’ve been looking to buy hash and live in Canada, you won’t have much trouble. The government has made the process of buying hash relatively easy, even with rules in place. Just make sure to check the regulations about buying cannabis in your province before you set out to make a purchase.

Buying and using hash in Canada is perfectly legal and won’t land you in any trouble as long as you are careful.