What you need to know about CBD Hash

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If you are an avid and curious CBD user in all of its forms (we are talking about pills, oils, capsules, edibles, gummies, and ointments) you may have heard of CBD hash. If you haven’t, this is the right article for you. As always, let’s start from the basics, and let’s try to understand together if CBD hash is the perfect CBD product for you or not.

How Do Full Spectrum CBD Products Benefit You? | Beauty | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

What is cannabis hash?

Hashish, or cannabis hash, is a substance obtained from the inflorescences of female cannabis plants. It is a sticky paste, which is obtained by collecting the resinous secretion produced by the tops and flowers of the plants and it generally has a dense and compact appearance and a colour between amber and dark brown. It’s rich in active ingredients (especially THC and CBD).

In countries where cannabis is considered a narcotic substance, the consumption of hashish is prohibited by law. Nevertheless, it is produced in many regions of Mediterranean Africa and the Himalayan area of the Indian subcontinent, areas where the use of this cannabis derivative has very ancient origins and is linked to local culture and religious tradition.

Did you know that hash can also be made from cannabinoids like CBD? 

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CBD hash, all you need to know

CBD hash is made from the concentrated resin of CBD-rich hemp plants (rather than from the marijuana plant like regular hash). It doesn’t have the psychoactive effects associated with a traditional hash (or hashish).

To obtain CBD hash you need to separate CBD-rich trichomes (the sticky appendages on the cannabis plant) from the surrounding cannabis plant matter. The trichomes are then typically processed or pressed into solid brick-like blocks.

Can you do it at home?

The short answer is yes, sure. The long answer is that there are many methods to obtain CBD hash at home. Some of them are easier than others, but all of them need some specific instruments and materials and a lot of patience.

You can dry-sift it. Dry sifted CBD hash is one of the simplest and safest concentrates to make yourself. The procedure is simply to separate the trichomes from the cannabis buds through a series of sieves of various sizes. Or you can use the dry ice method, but you will need a micron bag, the dry ice, protective goggles and thick gloves. Dry ice can cause serious damage to the skin, so be careful.

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The easiest method is the bubble hash method. Bubble hash is made by separating the trichomes from the cannabis buds using only ice, water, bubble bags with a sieve and a couple of buckets. Cold water and ice harden the heads of the trichomes, making them less sticky and more brittle.

It will be sufficient to shake the mixture slightly to easily detach the trichomes from the plant. The “bubble bags” with meshes of several microns have the function of sieving the heads of the trichomes suspended in the water, separating all the surrounding plant material.

How do you use it?

There are many benefits to using CBD hash, one of which is that you can consume it in several ways, depending on what you are used to or what you like best.

You can smoke it. It’s one of the most popular ways to consume it. You can roll it into a joint or add it to CBD flowers. You can also vape it. Of course, to vape it you will need an e-cigarette or a vaporizer. If you choose this method, make sure you have good quality CBD hash, free of impurities that could ruin your vaporizer and that aren’t good for your body.

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Here’s a tip for you: poor-quality CBD hash when exposed to heat can turn into a sticky mess. It’s a great way to test your hash and to understand if it’s of good quality or not.

If you don’t like to smoke your CBD, you can make your own cannabis ointment. Simply add some CBD hash to coconut oil or beeswax. These substances will act like carriers. There has recently been a trend in using cannabis-based topical products to provide localized relief. Cannabis ointments and creams applied directly to the skin can help reduce acute pain and effectively treat inflammation and various skin disorders.

You can also cook with CBD hash. This method is becoming increasingly popular among consumers but it’s not as easy as it seems. It’s notoriously tricky to properly dose cannabis for edibles, and how it affects you has a lot to do with what kind of food you’re preparing.

Moreover, the longer it takes your body to metabolize the food the longer it will take you to notice the effects, and it’s not always easy to know the right dosing. Make your little experiments and your own research, but be careful! If you are not sure about it, start with a very low dose and go slow. Bon appetit!

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