8 Herbs with Medicinal Properties You Need to Stock Up On

8 Herbs with Medicinal Properties You Need to Stock Up On

Herbs do more than just flavour and colour your food. They have plenty of health benefits as well. They can help manage or prevent cancer, diabetes, and cancer. Herbs can lower your blood pressure and prevent inflammation. 

8 Herbs with Medicinal Properties You Need to Stock Up On

Here are a few herbs with medicinal properties. 

Herbs with medicinal properties – Echinacea

This flowering plant belongs to the daisy family. It has big magenta petals, and it looks beautiful. Its roots, leaves, and stalks have medicinal properties. The herb was traditionally used to treat toothache, skin irritation, seizures, cancer, and arthritis. Today, you can use it to treat or prevent the common cold. It also facilitates fast wound healing. 

The herb is packed in substances that can reduce inflammation and pain. It has antioxidant and antiviral properties. Some studies suggest that echinacea may prevent upper respiratory infections. If you have a cold, the herb could help heal it fast. 


Cornflower is a medicinal herb that people have used for a long time. There are various ways of enjoying cornflower magical properties. However, the most popular one is brewing cornflower tea. It is perfect for treating chest congestion, constipation, fever, and water retention. Women can also use it to treat vaginal yeast infections and menstrual disorders.


For a long time, elderberry has been used to treat the flu and sinus infections. It is great for fighting viruses and boosting your immune system. Its side effects are minor. They include allergic reactions and mild indigestion.

When using elderberries, go with commercially-prepared extracts. Fresh barks, young buds, roots, and flowers contain high levels of cyanide and can cause cyanide poisoning. 



There are many types of ginseng, and they all have medicinal properties. The herb is popularly used to treat colds and flu. Its active ingredients include ginsenosides and polysaccharides. They can shorten your colds by up to six days. 

There are a few concerns regarding the uses of ginseng. One of the main ones is that it could reduce the effectiveness of some medications. It is said to have estrogen-like features that could cause hormone issues. 

Avoid taking ginseng root without medical supervision if you have schizophrenia, diabetes, or heart conditions. It is present in many over-the-counter cold medications. 


This herb is popularly known as the poor man’s saffron. Europeans have been cultivating it since the third century BC. Doctors once used it to heal wounds and control bleeding. Other benefits include preventing muscle spasms, treating sore throat, and managing fever. 


Lavender is present in various soaps, oils, and fragrances. It is known for its calming effects and its ability to promote relaxation. It is popularly used for treating anxiety, insomnia, and depression. 

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Since ancient times, thyme has been used to flavour cheese and alcohol. Egyptians used it for embalming, and Europeans used it for protection against the plague. Thymol is a naturally-occurring biocide that can kill infectious bacteria and other harmful organisms. 

Today, you can use thyme to control your blood pressure and ease common skin conditions. 


This fragrant herb has cancer-inhibiting properties. It can improve digestion and stabilize your blood pressure. Being a relative to mint, rosemary is pretty versatile. You can use it in dried or fresh form. 

Herbs are cooking essentials, but they are more than just that. Adding the right ones to your diet can help fight certain diseases. In addition, seasoning your foods makes them more palatable. It could help you get all the nutrients your body needs. 

When unsure of the right herbs to address specific problems, consider seeking your doctor’s opinion. It is unwise to take some of them if you have underlying medical conditions.

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