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Innovative Ways To Get People Talking About Your Business | Business Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

5 Innovative Ways To Get People Talking About Your Business

Success in business relies upon creating and converting leads and generating sales and profits. Whether you have an established business, or you’re launching a new brand, it pays to create a buzz.

If you’re keen to get people talking, here are some innovative ways to get your brand name out there. 


Business events provide opportunities to meet buyers, to build networks of contacts and to introduce consumers and retailers to your product range. There are several options when it comes to planning a corporate event or a product launch.

You can host an event and invite guests to attend in person, or you could organise a virtual spectacle and encourage people to tune in at home and follow on social media.

With Covid-19 restrictions in place, virtual events have become increasingly important, and they offer a safe way for customers and buyers to learn about new products and get to know brands. Whether you’re planning a party, a formal gathering or a virtual launch, it’s essential to think about the guest list carefully.

Use your event to drum up interest among groups who are likely to want to buy the product, generate a buzz on social media and use communication channels that are popular among your target demographic.

If you have a clothing brand you’re promoting on social media and you’re targeting young adults, for example, go live on Instagram and share posts and pictures. If you’re presenting a pitch aimed at older adults or corporate buyers, connect on LinkedIn and provide links to your presentation on your website and social media channels. 

Prepare for your event in advance. Rehearse pitches and presentations, show the product off in all its glory and be ready to answer questions. Ask guests to subscribe to mailing lists and follow your brand on social media and follow up leads and expressions of interest after the event.

5 Innovative Ways To Get People Talking About Your Business 1

Promotions and giveaways

If you have a new product, you’ve enhanced or improved an existing best-seller or you’re a new brand, running a promotion or an online giveaway is a great idea.

Launch a competition, visit websites like Master Cast to order branded promotional items to give away to entrants or offer exclusive access to sales or discounts for members or followers on social media. Encourage people to share your posts, to like the content you share and to get all their friends and followers involved.

If you have a prize up for grabs, for example, you can boost your online profile, reach out to new customers and encourage people to check out other posts simply by urging followers to like and share posts and creating a ripple effect.

If one follower tags their friends and they then tag their friends, you could end up with a huge number of likes and shares, which could increase sales and make your posts more popular and impactful in the future.

As well as running social media and website competitions, it’s also worth considering up-selling items using branded giveaways.

If you have an activewear brand, for example, you could increase sales of leggings, jackets, tops and tracksuits by offering a free branded water bottle or gym bag with every purchase over a certain value.

This kind of promotion encourages people to spend more and it also provides benefits in the long-term, as your customer will use their promotional item, bringing your brand name into contact with people who may not be familiar with it yet.

A bottle could be seen by hundreds of people if that customer goes to the gym or a sports centre on a regular basis or they take their bottle out running with them. 

5 Innovative Ways To Get People Talking About Your Business 2

Social media influencers

Influencer marketing has exploded in recent years, with many brands using social media stars with large followings to promote products and services. Influencers have a substantial online following, which gives brands the opportunity to connect with and pitch to a captive audience.

If you are considering working with influencers to champion your brand or sell specific products, choose individuals who will engage with the target buyer and make sure there is an obvious connection between the influencer and your product.

If you hire an influencer whose entire feed is full of fashion shots to plug a product for dogs, for example, this could look strange and you’ll be pitching to the wrong crowd. Choose an influencer that has the right audience. 

5 Innovative Ways To Get People Talking About Your Business 3

Real-life customers

Increasingly, consumers want to buy from brands that they feel represent them. It has become more common in recent years to feature real-life customers in campaigns on social media channels and apps, such as Instagram.

Looking at a model wearing an outfit, for example, can be a very different experience to trying an outfit on at home. Brands can connect with buyers, reward loyalty and encourage new customers to get on board by including real customers in their campaigns and letting them have an input.

Share verified reviews and upload photographs of people who have bought your products using them. This gives social media feeds credibility and it can also go a long way to making customers feel like your brand has a human side. With products like clothing, for example, it can also be beneficial for buyers to see items on different body shapes and sizes. 

5 Innovative Ways To Get People Talking About Your Business 4

Doing good in the world

More and more businesses are looking to enhance brand image and boost sales by supporting initiatives and causes that are relevant to them and their customers. Brands that actively seek to make a positive difference can set themselves apart from competitors.

If you’re looking to back programmes or partner with an organisation or charity, it’s important to think about what your brand stands for and what kinds of schemes your customers would like to support.

Encourage clients and buyers to share their views and ideas. From planting trees and donating a portion of sales to nonprofits that benefit the homeless to supporting educational initiatives, there are myriad ways you can make a difference. 

Innovative Ways To Get People Talking About Your Business | Business Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Getting people talking about your business creates leads, which increases the chances of making sales. To boost profits and enhance your brand image, it’s wise to think about innovative ways to create a buzz and promote your products.

Think about what your ideal customer wants, how they shop and what motivates their decisions to buy and don’t be afraid to be original and creative and your business will thrive. 

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