3 of the Best Outfits to wear to The SuperBowl 

Best Outfits to wear to a SuperBowl  | Fashion & Sport | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

The SuperBowl is a truly international event that draws a viewership in the hundreds of millions and sell-out attendances to the game itself. This year, Glendale, Arizona is the host city with 75,000 fans set to be packed into the Cardinal’s State Farm Stadium on Sunday February 12.

Glendale can expect to see at least half that number again descend on the city to be part of the inimitable excitement and fervour that is the Super Bowl experience. If you’re one of the extremely lucky few to have gotten your hands on a ticket – and even luckier if you didn’t pay several times face value, with all eyes on the biggest game of the year, you’re going to want to be dressed to impress.

The fashion conscious sports fans among us are faced with a few options when it comes to choosing your Super Bowl outfit.

Best Outfits to wear to a SuperBowl  | Fashion & Sport | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

3 of the Best Outfits to wear to The SuperBowl 

The Super Fan

The most obvious choice is to opt for the official jersey of your preferred team in the game. Now might be a good time to refer to the Superbowl odds and get behind the sportsbook’s favorite for the day. 

Nike has been the league’s official uniform supplier for a decade and is continually finding new inspiration to keep kits fresh and modern. To avoid confusion and color clashes on the field, each franchise has a home game and a road jersey which gives supporters the chance to choose their favorite colorway.

Best Outfits to wear to a SuperBowl  | Fashion & Sport | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Nike also offers inverted colors and alternate versions of the team’s famous uniforms so there’s plenty of choice. But those that really want to stand out might want to dig through the archives and resurrect a vintage jersey from decades prior – a word of warning, sometimes these collectibles come with a hefty price tag.

To complete the look, opt for a functional pair of jeans and boots that are supportive enough to be comfortable when you’ve been on your feet all day. A matching hat and complementary colored sunglasses hammer home the message – ladies might consider a wig in your team colors – and it’s one of the best excuses of the year to wear some face paint.

The Trend Setter

Although the Giants haven’t won it in over a decade (and the Jets in over five!), if either team does make it to the final, the upshot of being a New Yorker is there’s no shortage of NY apparel you can don if you want to still show support for your team but also express more of your own personality while doing it. The varsity look is having a moment right now so regardless of who makes it to the Super Bowl you can easily style a sporty yet chic look and still keep neutral in terms of your allegiances.

The Super Bowl takes place at the tail end of the winter months, this year in Glendale, Arizona which experiences clement weather in February, so thick winter coats aren’t essential. Some years the host city has been much further north, Minneapolis and Indianapolis have less forgiving temperatures at that time of year.

You might be attending a Super Bowl party at your friend’s house, in which case you don’t need to worry as much about layering up and you can let your style shine through.

The Style Icon

Throw out the rule book entirely and wear whatever you want. Don’t acquiesce to the pressure of buying a new outfit solely for this year’s Super Bowl party. Ultimately more eyes are on the game than on your chosen garments anyway.

Denim on denim is a safe bet as is an oversized hoodie elevated with more glamorous pieces or accessories. Or go down the sporty professional route with a high waisted trouser suit and athletic t-shirt. 

Celeb Looks

Celebrities are always a good source of inspiration (occasionally denigration) when searching for your next athleisure look. J-Lo was caught in the bleachers looking sophisticated in a fitted blouse and hip-hugging trousers – Ben Affleck was slightly more dressed down but had still clearly made an effort.

Whatever you choose, try at all costs to avoid Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction”.

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