Accessorise Your Way: 7 Essential Tips for finding a style and a look you love

Every person has their own style. It may be one they don’t realise they have because they haven’t truly thought about. However, when this is the case, it’s often very apparent to others that they don’t care much about their fashion sense and what others think about them. Don’t make this mistake. Use the following tips to find your fashion style, one that you love, and provide others with more information about who you are and what you value.

Become Inspired

Turn to the internet to get some inspiration. Find pictures of people with a fashion sense that you love and review their pictures. Find the common element between these photos as this helps to narrow down the options available. Once a better understanding has been obtained about what works in these photos and what doesn’t, it becomes easier to choose pieces that will be treasured for years to come.

Accessorise Your Way: 7 Essential Tips for finding a style and a look you love 1

Don’t rush out and buy a number of jewellery pieces that resemble those found on the internet. Start with just a few, such as a selection of necklaces, and see how they look when worn. A person might find they don’t like these items on their body for some reason, and it’s good to have this information before a great deal of money is spent.


Don’t obtain new jewellery until the old has been purged. Take the time to go through the jewellery box and see what you love and wear regularly and what items sit for months or years before being worn. Why hang onto those items when someone else may love them and appreciate having them at their fingertips? Obviously, one should not get rid of heirloom pieces or those that have been passed down from generation to generation. A future family member may love them and wear them often. However, other pieces need to go.

Accessorise Your Way: 7 Essential Tips for finding a style and a look you love 2

A great time to purge the jewellery collection is when purging one’s wardrobe. This gives a person a better idea of what is needed and which items are plentiful. When purchasing new items for the wardrobe, pick up some coordinating accessories. This ensures everything looks great together and fewer shopping trips are needed.


Consider your lifestyle before purchasing jewellery. Women who spend a great time outdoors engaging in sports will likely find they don’t want a big flashy necklace or ring that could interfere with their play on the field or get lost when they must take it off before an event. Small, inexpensive pieces should be purchased for these times.

Choose other pieces for a night out on the town or a business function. Only a few pieces will be needed for this purpose if they are special occasions. In contrast, a person who is in the workplace every day or travels regularly for business will likely want trendy pieces that are currently in fashion rather than classics that look elegant anytime and anywhere.

Accessorise Your Way: 7 Essential Tips for finding a style and a look you love 3

By taking one’s regular activities into account at this time, a person will find it easier to choose new items for their collection. This does not mean they should feel compelled to buy only those types of jewellery, however. It never hurts to think outside the box and try new things. You just may find something you love that you believed you would never wear.

Bring a Friend

Don’t hesitate to shop with a friend. When choosing a friend to accompany you on this trip, make certain it is someone who will provide an honest opinion rather than saying what they believe you want to hear.  This makes it easier to pick between multiple pieces when making a decision seems impossible. The sales staff will also be of great help in determining which pieces work best with an outfit. Don’t hesitate to send a picture of the outfit to the retailer and ask for suggestions on what may and may not work. They are happy to be of assistance.

Trust Your Instincts

If there is something about a piece that simply doesn’t seem right, move on to another. If a particular piece seems to call your name, however, this is one you likely want to buy. There is a reason you are feeling the way you are and it should not be discounted or ignored. Never focus on the name brand or the designer. Choose what you feel comfortable with and what you love. The jewellery should reflect the wearer’s personality. Keep this in mind when making any purchase and it becomes much easier to find pieces one loves.

Try Something New

People often fall into a rut when it comes to their wardrobe. They buy the same items over and over again, never trying something new. Take the time to try different items to see how they look and feel. With the help of clothing subscription sites, doing so has never been easier. Simply sign up for a service, try the outfits, keep those you love, and return those you don’t. Be sure to try on every outfit, however. Something that doesn’t look great hanging in your closet may become your favourite new outfit when you do put it on. It never hurts to try something new.

Don’t Scrimp

Spend less on clothing and more on accessories. Kate Middleton has mastered the art of wearing the same outfit without it becoming tired. She does so by choosing different accessories each time she puts it on. Choose bold pieces one day and less compelling ones for another. This allows a person to get more out of each piece of clothing they own without feeling as if they are wearing the same thing each and every day.

Start making use of these tips today. When you see how small changes in your wardrobe make a major difference, you’ll want to do even more. The thing many people fail to do is try. Fortunately, with so many resources at a person’s fingertips, changing one’s look has never been easier. Take advantage of all and you’ll look and feel great in no time at all. It’s simply a matter of taking that first step. 

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