Guest Post: Autumn Falling into Fashion and Facials

Guest Post: Autumn Falling into Fashion and Facials 1

Good Morning you gorgeous bunch! Today we’ve another guest posting, we want to introduce you to Gemma, from Missus Wolf, her post is all about fashion and facials. We can’t wait for you to read it. So what are you waiting for?

I love Autumn.It’s my favourite time of year. The days are still sunny but that autumnal chill lingers. The chill that makes you want to start shopping for Winter Coats.

It’s the countdown to Christmas. The leaves are parading their shades of orange show. And the fashion is so much more interesting.

The colours are just utterly delightful; mustard’s – olive’s – burgundy’s.

After spending the last year dressing a growing bump and hiding the aftermath, I’m now in a happy place with my body. So I’m in desperate need of a new wardrobe.

I love layering.

And I love boots.

So, after scruffing my way through the summer, what have I started buying and from where?


I love Primark’s chunky knitwear.

Every year, I buy a couple of jumper’s to see me through the A/W season.

This year, I’ve bought this delightful Mustard coloured piece.

Mustard is one of my fave clothing colours and I have big plans for this:

  • Team with black jeggings or jeans (when I find a pair I’m comfy with. I’m open to suggestions ) and a denim shirt underneath (still in search of this item – please help if you can! I tried one on from H&M but I must have fat arms as it was too tight – sob!)
  • Team with blue denim Topshop jeans (yet to be purchased) a vest underneath and brown suede ankle boots from H&M. Also spied some brown suede over the knee boots from New Look which may just have to be mine.

They had this jumper in Burgundy too, which I nearly bought, but didn’t.

This was because I’d seen a burgundy one in H&M.

I also bought two body con jumper dresses; one in black and one in khaki green:

  • I’ve been wearing the khaki green with an old brown belt and black H&M leggings. On the feet it’s either been flat brown calf boots from Dotty P’s that I bought last year or my H&M brown suede shoes.
  • The black dress (below) is teamed with an old black and gold belt, black Primark tights and black suede ankle boots from New Look

Let me take

a selfie


H&M online ordering was my weak spot about five years ago. Not long after it was launched I found myself obsessively browsing their website on my lunch breaks at work. And their packages being delivered to my door in time for the weekend. Ooops.

That habit has been tamed over the years, what with us moving house and having a baba.

But now it’s Autumn. And I like to spend the darker nights online shopping.

Which is easily accessible these days as I have the app.


I knew I wanted their £5.99 leggings. I’d bought two pairs after I’d given birth six months ago and I’ve worn them to death over the summer. The poor things have endured all things baby. The constant wearing and washing has been too much for them and I’ve had to replace them with a newer model already.

I ordered this Burgundy jumper as well. My friend had mentioned one with a zipper up the back, which I thought was quirky. Although I don’t think this is the one she meant, I liked the colour and style and when it came, this was a nice fit.

Which I’ve sometimes struggled with some of H&M clothes. They always seem to be smaller than the size they say they are.

Hence the long denim shirt I ordered being swiftly returned. I had grand plans for you denim shirt but your tight arms ( blame you not my own bingo wings obvs) let me down.

You were going to be cuddled by my mustard jumper. You were going to have an unveiling all by yourself with my leggings. You were also going to frame a vest worn loosely over black jeggings. But oh no you had other ideas. Oh well, your loss.

Same to you beautiful brown suede A line skirt. I came across you on the Silverlink Shopping Site after reading Elle Blonde and The Sparkle Spy’s blog posts.

You were going to ‘pop’ when I wore black leggings and a black polo jumper. But sadly, you did not fit. I suppose I could get the next size up but to be honest I don’t even know if my shape suits an A line. To be continued …

To Buy

I love Topshop jeans; I had two ultimate Moto faves back when I was eighteen.

I’ve had to say goodbye to a black pair of Leigh jeans a couple of years ago but the blue pair are just about holding on. I nearly threw these out when I made the mistake of trying them on too soon post baby.

I sobbed when I couldn’t fit my calf in them. Alas, a tinkering of slimming world and some baby bootcamps and they probably fit better than they did before baba. So ladies there is hope after baby.

Unfortunately the vintage denim Leigh jeans are no longer in stock (unless I buy maternity. Bloomin typical). So are the Vintage Wash Jamie Jeans. And the Indigo Leigh don’t have my size on the app. I think a trip to the store may be in order.

Since H&M let me down I’m still on the look out for a denim shirt. Also if anyone knows of any nice denim tunics aswell (any recommendations would be appreciated).

I’ve seen a couple of delightful black dresses in Zara that may be festive-party worthy. I may order these tonight you know, just to try on …

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Freshening up with a Facial

When the lovely Life As Mrs R posted about claiming a free Oxygen Facial with Elizabeth Arden, I jumped at the chance.

As you are well aware (sorry to go on) but since joining the Motherhood sorority, I’ve been desperate for a bit of pampering.

So I jumped at the chance of some ‘me time.’

Armed with my mother to watch the baba, I headed to the Elizabeth Arden counter while she was on nana duties.

I felt a bit self-conscious as I was wearing hardly any make-up in prep for the facial.

I needn’t have worried, the facial can be done on top of make-up .

The ladies were so nice and I was soon at ease.

They use a silver air-gun type device to firstly blast oxygen serum deep into your skin’s layers. They then finish off with blasting just oxygen onto your skin.

It’s so light and fresh.

Afterwards, I was given a skin care routine of the following products:

Superstart – this is an award-winning skin renewal booster. This was applied to my face and also onto one hand so I could compare the difference with my other hand. It’s not oily and is quickly absorbed. This embeds deep down and boosts your skin’s natural defences. It optimises the effect of serums and moisturises

Flawless Future – this moisturising cream is SPF 30 and PA ++. A little bit of this cream goes a long way too.

Prevage City Smart – The PA factor is a nod to the beauty industries current focus on Anti-pollution. It’s a skin shield for UV protection and pollution.

Prevage Anti-ageing and Intensive Repair Serum – This is a product for the eye area and my god did this work wonders! In conjunction with the facial, the lines around my eyes disappeared and it feels so much plumper.

All of the above products are now on my to-buy list, along with the foundation brush (it was a fab contour shape and double ended too).

After all this pampering, I got treated to a makeover too. All of the skin care and make-up products felt so light on my skin. It felt like I wasn’t wearing any make-up.

I bought the Superstart booster and the Flawless Finish foundation. I thought I’d start with the basic skin care and I’ve been in search of a new foundation.

For buying the two products, I got a fab Holly Fulton make-up bag with some dreamy treats in it.

Oh – and the lip gloss that they used on me (not pictured) was just yummy – salted caramel flavour. I just about licked that straight off. It smelt divine too.

And Lastly …

To finish the Autumn look, I’ll be getting my big chunky parted fringe cut in and my blonde hair toned down. With this, my eye make-up gets darker (I’ll be using my Naked 2 palette) and the über dark lippies come out.

I’m still in search of Urban Decay’s 1993 lipstick though. If you find it in stock anywhere, do give me a hollar.

Love Missuswolf xxx