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6 Tips How to Prepare Your House for Sale

Do you think your home has what it takes to sell as soon as it hits the market? Your home might not sell as fast as you think.

With five million homes sold every year, there are plenty of options for new home buyers to pick from on the market. If you’re going to list your house for sale, you need to make sure you prepare it to appeal to buyers. Follow the tips below to learn how to sell a property correctly.

Depersonalise Your Home

When people come to visit your home, they want to imagine themselves as the owner. If they see many personalised colours and personal belongings, it’s much more difficult for this to happen.

Sale Dream Bathroom: What Are The 7 Key Ingredients? | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

To start the depersonalisation process, remove as much of your personal taste from your rooms as you can. Take out family photos, unique pictures, and anything else that most people won’t likely enjoy.

After you finish this, give your rooms a fresh coat of paint. If you have bright and vibrant colors in some of your rooms, it will put off many people. You want your rooms to have a neutral color to appeal to the largest number of people.

Do a Little Gardening

First impressions matter for a home sale just as much as they do for meeting people. An excellent first impression sets the mood for an entire home showing. That’s why you need to make your home’s entrance as appealing as you can.

The first place to start is any plants or trees that are overgrown. Trim all your bushes and shrubs to make them look nice. For your trees, trim any overgrown branches, so they don’t overhang over your home.

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If you have time before your sale, try to improve your grass quality as much as you can. If you have any dry spots, water them regularly, so your whole yard is green.

The final piece to the puzzle is to add a little colour to your yard. You don’t have to go overboard and spend a ton of money on this part. Just add a few plants around your door to help your home’s entrance stand out.

Remove Your Junk

It isn’t enough to only remove your personal items from your home. Your home also needs to appear spacious to potential home buyers. If it’s full of random junk, you won’t give that impression.

Look through your rooms for things you don’t need and get rid of everything you can. If you see something in the way, but you still want to keep it around, it’s worth it to rent a storage container to hold your excess things.

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The next place to clean up is your closets. If you have items thrown all over the place, it tells people you don’t have enough storage. Get a few closet organizers to straighten your closets out.

Improve Your Lighting

It’s hard to make a home appealing if it’s dark and dreary everywhere. People want bright spaces to live in. It improves your mood and increases the perceived value of your rooms.

The best way to take advantage of light is to use natural lighting wherever you can. Before your home tours, open up your large windows to let light fill up your room. When every corner of your room is lit by natural light, it makes your rooms feel larger than they are in reality.

Of course, not all your rooms will have access to natural light. In cases like this, make sure your ceiling lights and lamps do well to light the whole room. You can also use your lamps to highlight specific room features that you want to stand out.

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Clean Your Floors

Have you taken a look at your floors recently to see how dirty they are? While they may look fine in passing, a closer look will often tell a different story.

Homebuyers will examine every part of your home in detail. If your floors are dirty, it’s going to make it look like you don’t take care of your home.

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Take a vacuum and carpet cleaner to give your floors a deep clean. Focus on high traffic areas to take care of the bulk of the dirt.

If you have dirty areas that are difficult to get clean, it might be worth replacing part of your flooring. A small investment here can add value to your home and help your home appear cleaner to potential buyers.

Fix Small Issues

Not many people want to buy a home and do a lot of work after the purchase. They want to enjoy themselves and not have to worry about anything. If your home has a lot of little problems, it will be a challenging sale.

Get a home inspection to discover any potential issues for buyers. These are things that people will likely want to be fixed before they commit to buying your home. Getting these fixed before you sell your home will improve your chances of getting reasonable offers and speed up the buying process

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If you have many home issues and don’t want to invest in fixing them, selling your home as-is will be your best option. Make sure you learn more about the process, so you know the pros and cons of working with an investor.

Now You Know How to Prepare a House for Sale

You can’t afford to cut corners when you list your house for sale. There are many home options on the market, so you need to ensure that you make your home appealing to as many people as possible. Use the tips above to help sell your house faster and get the most money for your efforts.

If you want to save money on fixing up your home, it pays to do some of the work yourself. Head back to our blog to find our best DIY tips to get your home ready for sale.

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