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The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas

When you’re shopping for Christmas gifts for somebody special, somebody who perhaps is difficult to buy for or likes the finer things in life it can become a little daunting. Don’t worry though. Lovers of luxury gifts we’ve come up with our Luxury Christmas Gift Guide for this year’s present buying and giving. 

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Macellian Crafts Personalised Thermal Bottle (£15.99)

Love Island water bottles are so last Summer there’s a new bottle in town for Santa! These Macellian Crafts thermal bottles with rose gold lettering are the only stocking stuffer you need this year! In an assortment of gorgeous pastel colours choose from pink, green or blue and then add personalisation with your loved one’s name. We’re passionate about supporting local retailers and absolutely love how Instagrammable these bottles are too. Lisa’s business also stocks prints, baubles, money boxes and more vinyl and foil personalised pieces. Macellian Crafts be found online at Etsy.

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 1

Shop the thermal bottle here.
Last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery: 13th December

Figureheads Scented Organic Candle (£16.00)

Quirky, bold designs Arthouse Unlimited is a collective of artists who either live with complex epilepsy or learning disabilities who require varying levels of support. Working alongside instructors, the artists create artworks which are then developed into designer products for Arthouse Unlimited to sell. All of the artwork derives from the individual skills each artist brings to the enterprise. Because of this, every contribution holds real value. The philosophy of Arthouse Unlimited is to give each artist a sense of purpose, which is believed to really boost health and well-being. 

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 2

One of Arthouse Unlimited’s main missions is to challenge perceptions and create greater acceptance and inclusion for people living with disabilities. With 100% of sales revenue used to sustain the enterprise, enabling it to expand and evolve Arthouse Unlimited look to grow to offer more opportunities to people in other towns across the UK. 

Every single purchase made this Christmas on the Arthouse Unlimited website gives a far greater gift, it gives hope that one day, through growth, more opportunities are opened up for those living with disabilities to express themselves through art.

The Figureheads Scented Organic Candle currently comes in 6 different designs and scents. From floral notes to stronger scents such as Amber and Tonka Bean and the votive jars have some gorgeous and quirky art on. They’re perfect gifts for those who love a little bit of art in their home and also want to support an enterprise to help others.

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 3

Support and shop Arthouse Unlimited here.
Last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery: 20th December

Swan HyperClean Cordless 3-in-1 Vacuum (£199.99)

You know you’re pushing your late 20s when you get excited about a vacuum cleaner, but what could be better for the home lover in your life than the Swan HyperClean Cordless 3-in-1? An ideal gift for those moving into their first home, or those who just need a brand new vacuum with a little bit extra. With the rise in ‘Hinching’ on Instagram, having a gorgeous home and great cleaning accessories to boot are an essential, especially a cord-free vacuum cleaner! 

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 4

Personally, after having a cordless vacuum cleaner I could never go back to being corded. Being cord-free means that you can move freely around your home without having to be within close proximity of a plug socket. With a 30 minute run time, the HyperClean offers powerful suction and a state of the art brushless motor for consistent performance that will allow you to clean your home top to bottom. 

The HyperClean is a great gift to give your partner or somebody soon to fly the nest as it’s a great vacuum and at a really great price with plenty fabulous features that make it one of the best cordless cleaners on the market.

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 5

With its multi-function feature, it makes accessing tight spots between the stairs and behind large furniture an easy task. The HyperClean comes apart to add different accessories to clean your stairs or your car too. With a removable battery and a deep cleaning brush for tackling tough dirt, it’s even great for muddy paws and football boots. Alongside the tech of this great gift, it comes in an unsuspecting rectangular box meaning your gift recipient will be surprised to open this on Christmas Day. 

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 6

What’s more, is I’ve got a 20% discount code for you for the entire Swan website including the Smeg style kettles and toasters and the absolutely divine Nordic Range for a more Hygge feel in your home. Simply click here to shop and then enter the code ELLEBLONDE20 at the checkout. 

Shop the Swan HyperClean cordless vacuum now
Codes & Discounts: 20% off everything on-site with code ELLEBLONDE20 
Last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery: 20th December

ProSkins High Waisted 28-day Starter Pack (£80.00)

Welcome to the Slim Revolution. If you’re buying for anybody like me who’s always looking for ways to keep themselves looking and feeling great then cellulite may be a huge problem area. Proskins have developed smart fabrics that work 24/7 to give you firmer and smoother looking legs. They have been clinically proven to target cellulite and all you need to do is wear them!

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 7

Each garment contains billions of microcapsules all filled with micro-ingredients that help smooth and shape your legs as you move throughout the day. Made with 4-way stretch fabric they also contain a moisturise management system to help you stay dry and with a silver anti-bacterial treatment they’ll keep leggins smelling fresher for longer!

If your friend or loved one is a frequent flyer then Proskins are great for travelling too as one of the key features is to help to get circulation moving through the graduated compression tech which is great for long-haul flights. 

Using ingredients in the fabric such as Retinol to kick start collagen formation, which helps boost the skin’s natural fullness. Vitamin E which protects skin from pollution which prevents premature ageing. The addition of Aloe Vera keeps the material cool and calms the skin. Ceramides improve the skin’s barrier which results in a firmer more plump effect. Finally, Caffeine in the leggings supercharges the circulation.

One of their other luxury products is the Gold range which comprises of an Anti-Aging Face Mask (£26.97) and Anti-Aging Gloves (£15.93) which are embedded with 24 Karat Gold to generate Hyaluronic naturally. Benefits of wearing Proskins Gold include of course the anti-ageing but as well as an addition of antioxidants to protect the skin from free radicals and moisturising as hyaluronic acid causes deep hydrating due to the ability to absorb and retain water.

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 8

With the 28-day legging challenge set to encourage participants to wear the leggings for 8 hours a day for 28 days to see huge real results, this is a great Christmas gift to give for the ‘New Year, New Me’ person in your life. In the pack, you receive 2 pairs of leggings to take the challenge in. Leggings can be washed up to 100 times on a 30-degree wash too for ease!


Shop the 28-day challenge now
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Last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery: 20th December

Bath Caddy (£24.99)

For the one who spends a lifetime in the bath! The Beautify Bath Caddy is the perfect gift that has been specifically designed to fit most bathtubs as the adjustable bamboo caddy extends to 108cm. With non-slip silicone grips to stop the caddy from sliding or marking your bath, it comes with slotted sections for all the bathtime essentials (you know like Netflix and red wine).

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 9

If you’re buying for somebody who loves to style their home too this is a great gift for anybody with an Instagram and Pinterest obsession. Simply place over the bath add a trailing plant and candle to create an Insta-worthy bathroom. 

Shop the Beautify Bath Caddy here.
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Last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery: 20th December

Tonino Lamborghini Lifestyle Collection (£45.00-£65.00) – offer £16.65 here

What more could you want than to open up your own Lamborghini on Christmas Day? Now you can. With 6 unforgettable colognes, there’s a scent for all occasions (and noses). Spruce up the man in your life with one of these luxurious fragrances.

Lamborghini Intenso – this warm, spicy cologne helps you make an unforgettable impression. With green notes which are complemented by the citrusy note of bergamot and the tart note of Granny Smith apple at the opening of the fragrance. At the heart of the blend, the warm notes of Virginia cedar and leather add a richness to the blend. At the base of the cologne, the spicy note of benzoin is balanced out by the sweet notes of amber and tonka bean.

Lamborghini Prestigio – this scent is perfect if you’re looking for a passionate fragrance with the power to draw in even the most unsuspecting of admirers. Blended with unique aromas which work in unison to show off their more refined qualities. Top notes include zesty lemon, citrusy mandarin, fresh pineapple and spicy nutmeg. At the core of the mix is warm cinnamon, amber and pungent violet. At the base beneath the rest are earthy hints of vanilla, musk, cedar and tonka.

Lamborghini Sportivo – A striking, aromatic cologne, it has been created for both daytime and nighttime wear to inspire confidence and boldness. The cologne’s top notes of bitter orange, cardamom and pimento create a bold opening. Adding a green quality to the cologne and helping to balance the top notes are heart notes of black tea, sage and lavender. Finally, at the close of the blend, notes of vetiver and cedar amplify the warm notes in the blend while the note of labdanum adds a hint of sweetness. 

Lamborghini Acqua – Is the most complex, masculine cologne in the collection. Designed as a sophisticated cologne that is versatile enough to be worn throughout the seasons. Citrusy yuzu combines with the green note of clary sage and the spicy note of cardamom at the opening of the fragrance. At the heart of cologne, the tart note of Granny Smith apple is juxtaposed by the spicy note of nutmeg. Warm base notes of cedar, tonka bean and sandalwood help to ground the blend and balance out the aromatic top and heart notes.

Lamborghini Classico – A unique blend which is both refreshing and inspiring. This invigorating blend is a great choice for the warmer months of the year due to the combination of herbal, spicy and citrusy notes. Sweet passionfruit is complemented by notes of lemon and cardamom to open the fragrance. At the heart of the blend, green notes of lavender, basil and sage give the cologne its fresh quality. Finally, tonka bean and benzoin are combined with woody notes at the base of the cologne.

Lamborghini Mitico – One of the founding pillars of the collection, this sophisticated cologne has been curated for the stylish man. Its modern profile gives off a cool, confident vibe. The fragrance starts with refreshing mint, both sparkling and grounded with its crisp earthiness. It slides flawlessly into a note of warm nutmeg, which provides a sweet, spicy aroma. Musk and cedar lay at the base, their woody masculinity providing a rich and creamy finish. 

Shop the full collection here: Intenso, Prestigio, Sportivo, Acqua, Classico, Mitico
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Last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery: 20th December

Linen Quarter Petersham Duvet in Fawn (£43-£65)

Add a little luxury to your bedroom this Christmas. The 2 fundamentals for a great night sleep, in my opinion, are, firstly, the quality of the mattress you’re lying on and secondly, the quality of the bed linen you sleep in. Both have to be perfect in order to achieve the best night’s sleep possible. Fortunately, family-owned brand Linen Quarter is aligned with this ethos too, and as an independent brand (who are hotel obsessed) have brought gorgeous luxury linen to the market without the hefty price tag. 

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 10

With a wealth of experience in bed linen, and the desire to offer their expertise in the form of a curated collection of GOTS Certified duvet sets, they really do champion that there’s nothing better than getting into a freshly made bed for the evening. So this Christmas together with Linen Quarter we are inviting you to give the priceless gift of a great night’s sleep with their luxurious organic cotton bed linen bundles.

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 11

Recreating the decadence of a luxury hotel feel in your home the Linen Quarter offers a range of 5 designs; the Classic, the Hampton, the Manhattan, the Soho and the Petersham ranges. 

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 12

The Petersham offers a 200 thread count, with a cool and crisp feel. The fawn double piping looks luxurious and elegant (also available in grey) the set is washable at 40 degrees. The hypoallergenic duvet set comes with a duvet cover and two pillowcases (singles only come with one pillowcase) in an Oxford-style, which is personally my favourite as opposed to a housewife case as they create a more opulent and cleaner looking bed.

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 13

The linen arrives in a little bag made from offcuts of the duvet set, wrapped and stickered in Linen Quarter’s branding with a scattering of night-time teabags and a do not disturb door hanger for the perfect night sleep. These little touches really make your Christmas gift that extra bit special.

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 14

Shop the Petersham and more here.
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Last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery: 20th December

Set of 2 Brushed Gold Wine Glasses (£17.99) 

Give the gift of gorgeous glassware this Christmas with these Vonshef brushed gold wine goblets (also can be used for long serve cocktails). They come in a box of two (£17.99) are long-stemmed and made from stainless steel. They’re great as they keep drinks cooler for longer. The brushed gold is more of a satin look which is absolutely dreamy. And admittedly has me reaching for the white wine as we speak!

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 15

Shop the cutlery set from Vonshef here.
Last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery: 20th December

InStyler MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron (£89.99)

For the one in your life who loves creating gorgeous salon-worthy hairstyles. The InStyler MAX is the 2-way rotating hair iron that not only straightens and smooths it also adds waves and curls as well as removing frizz and flyaways. The styler also has the added bonus of adding body and shine to hair too.

Designed for all hair lengths, textures and types the InStyler Max uses ionic ceramic technology to ensure there’s no damage made to hair. This is a great styling tool for those on the go. Instead of having to pack multiple hair accessories, simply pack the InStyler MAX to create a collection of different looks because of the 2-way heated rotating barrel.

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 16

The ionic bristles separate and align hair whilst adding volume and reducing frizz. The styler heats up in 30 seconds and has 4 temperature settings to give more options for salon-quality results. The Styler is super easy to use and really creates gorgeous looking hair with ease. 

Shop the InStyler Iron here. Or at Boots (£89.99),
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Last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery: 20th December

ISAAC Sleep Weighted Blanket (£69.99-£99.99)

A celebrity favourite accessory (and one of my favourites for getting to sleep) is a weighted blanket. ISAAC Sleep has created the perfect weighted blanket available in both 15lb and 20lb weights with a gorgeous blanket cover in a textured grey.

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 17

If you’re new to weighted blankets they’re great for relieving stress and anxiety as well as assisting with relieving sleep disorders including insomnia, restlessness, night terrors and restless leg syndrome too. They’ve also been claimed to help with Autism and ADHD.

Originally used in special needs communities, weighted blankets broke into mainstream media around 2017. With the popularity of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian being huge fans due to their relaxation benefits. 

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The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 18

ISAAC weighted blankets work simply by providing deep touch stimulation. They are filled with silent glass beads for all-over weight distribution. The pressure from the blanket aims to trigger the release of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin. The ‘feel-good’ hormones work to naturally relieve the symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia. 

The feeling of being swaddled, a technique made familiar to us as babies, promotes a feeling of security. 

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 19

So if you’re looking to buy a gift this Christmas for somebody who does struggle to sleep then an ISAAC Weighted Blanket is one of the best weighted blankets on the market.

Shop the best weighted blanket here now.
Last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery: 20th December

16 Piece Black & Gold Cutlery Set (£19.99)

New home lovers or Instagram-mad interior lovers will absolutely need this 16 piece black & gold cutlery in their lives. These sophisticated pieces of cutlery are made from durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. And are finished with a decorative black and gold design. Each piece of cutlery is hand polished to really make your dining table sparkle. Presented in an elegant gift pack these 4 person cutlery packs make great gifts this Christmas.

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 20

Comes with knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon for four.

Shop cutlery from Vonshef here.
Last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery: 20th December

Tesalate Sand Free Beach Towel (£49.00)

The most ideal gift for your favourite beach bum, the sand free beach towel from Tesalate. Now you can leave the beach at the beach with this full-sized beach towel (which also comes as a double).  Choose from a plethora of gorgeous designs. This ultra-absorbent towel can absorb over 1l of water and has an incredible rapid-drying time (half the time of a regular beach towel).

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 21

Gone are the days when you have to carry a bulky towel in your luggage. The Tesalate towel also is compact and light meaning you can take it absolutely anywhere. 

From humble beginnings in Australia to global success in such a short time. Tesalate has become a firm favourite of celebrities and magazine editors as well as travellers too. Featured in the goody bags for the Emmys in 2019. This is a cool yet practical gift for the person in your life with serious wanderlust.

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 22

Shop the beach towel collection now.
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Last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery: 20th December

Mineheart Madame Blush Cushion (£72.00)

For the art lover in your life; the Mineheart Madame Blush Cushion. This large feature scatter cushion from Mineheart, a collective for out-there artists and designers to showcase their unique designs. The cushion portrays a cheekily defaced French queen, which blends classic art with modern-day mischief. Velvet printed and 55cm x 55cm it is not only chic but also an ideal domestic or commercial feature. Team with the Monsieur Mint cushion for a really impacting feel. 

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 23

This contemporary piece of art by Young & Battaglia is a striking gift to wrap up this Christmas and enjoy all year round. Feature in a reception room, living or dining room, hall or bedroom to add a little bit of a modern twist on a traditional piece.

Shop Mineheart Madame Blush and other collections now.
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Last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery: 18th December UK or 11th December International

Tweedmill Blanket from Idyll Home (£49.00)

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 24

Snuggle up in front of the fire with a snuggly tweed blanket or add a little bit of UK country chic to your home aesthetic with a Tweedmill pure new wool fringed blanket. Available in an assortment of complementing colours including this fawn grey with duck egg blue tassels. 

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 25

This 150x183cm (including fringes) blanket from Idyll Home is a great addition this Christmas as it looks great as a feature throw on a bed, or draped on the arm of the sofa. The multi-purpose blanket is striking with a herringbone style design in tweed, made by Tweedmill Textiles a UK manufacturer. This gorgeous gift is certainly going to put a smile on the recipient’s face this Christmas day.

Shop the Tweedmill Blanket collection now
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Last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery: 20th December

House of Marley Liberate Air Wireless Earbuds (£129.99)

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 28

Fuse style with function if you’re looking for a great tech gift this holiday season with the House of Marley Liberate Air Wireless Headphones. Bluetooth enabled Sweat-proof and Weather Resistant have 9 hours onboard battery life or a 32-hour playtime with the case. 

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 29

Simply charge and go in 10 minutes (for a 4-hour boost) with these headphones made from sustainable materials and the latest technology. If you’re super active they’re perfect as they have a sensor-activated tap touch technology for fingertip control so you don’t have to touch your phone.

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 30

Shop House of Marley Earbuds here now. Or at Selfridges (£129.99), Argos (£129.99), ASOS (£129.99), Amazon (£125.00)
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Last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery: 20th December

The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy This Christmas 31
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