Turning Water into Wine or should I say Coke into Water: Puritii Water Bottle

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“Laura you drink a lot of water don’t you?” said my best friend’s fiancé? My puzzled face looked at him as the slowest yes left my mouth. Questioning why I was being asked.

With no reply he beamed “have you seen this?” as he pulled out a blue water bottle. “It’s a water bottle and….” Was my questionable response.

“It’s not just any water bottle” he pitched. I, for a second thought I was sat in Deborah Meaden’s chair on Dragons Den as he was pitching this water bottle to me.

My best friend and I looked at each other just like Peter Jones does to Deborah. It was like the scene in the Wolf of Wallstreet where they’re asked to sell a pen. Sell a regular pen. How very wrong I was.

Sell me your Puritii

As he began telling me about the science behind the bottle. Excuse me Sir but I was never good at science at school. He could see that I wasn’t listening and just nodding appropriately when the timing was right.

He changed his tactics and told me that the bottled water that I buy daily is nothing but glorified tap water and that 9/10 water companies do not disclose where their water is from. The water I drink contains rubbish such as human waste, toxic heavy metals such as lead, thousands of harmful chemicals from pesticides and herbicides.

It also contains additives such as fluoride which is a massive no for me, and chlorine (I tell you I don’t want to be drinking a swimming pool!) and of course e-coli and other bacterial viruses.

So the water that comes from my tap in my home which for 25 years I’ve thought was pure and clean is nothing but a carrier of hundreds of things that can make me ill.

However, and it’s a big however due to the power of the filter he continued. This Puritii water bottle reduces 99.999% of toxins, dirt and more ensuring that it is free of chemical, microbial and even radioactive contamination.

Learning all about water, the stuff I drink at least 2 litres of a day religiously really got me thinking. I needed to buy one. Immediately.


After the explanation of the bottle then he proceeded to go on to say that due to the filter being the superior quality that it is it can even filter your own urine into clean drinking water. Katie and I looked at each other, and laughed. I’ll leave that one to you to try.

It filters swamp water to clean, pure drinking water. This is the one that got me, it filters Coke into carbonated water. Absolutely amazing.

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I looked in disbelief at him with the final statement and it was almost as if he knew what I was thinking. He pulled out a can of Coke, poured it into the bottle, tightened the lid.

Took out a clean glass placed it on the bench and began pouring his Coke from the Puritii water bottle into the glass. I was gobsmacked. Speechless and for those who know me. You’ll know it takes a lot to stop me talking. The colour from the Coke had gone. In the glass was carbonated water.

“Drink it..”

There was absolutely no Coke flavour left too.


Puritii Fridge pickers

I couldn’t believe my eyes so I proceeded to raid their fridge. Not for food this time. It was to see which other drinks we could find to test out. Cordial squash was next up, that passed the test immediately. Orange in, water out.

He was so sure of this water bottle that he went outside to a puddle outside. Scooped water out and began drinking. Amazing. I really needed one at this point. Not just for converting Coke into water more for the fact that if it was capable of that, the purity of the water you’d be getting from it would be second to none.

Could you imagine these bottles if you were a backpacker, a hiker, a keen camper, in the armed forces? Even away on holiday in those countries that don’t advise you to drink their tap water instead of walking to the shop daily for big gallons of water. Or perhaps just for those of us who are super conscious of what we put into our bodies.


Perhaps this bottle is our own personal Jesus? It doesn’t turn water into wine. It does however turn something potentially life-threatening into something clean and virtually pure.

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