Is The Botanist a really great place to eat in Newcastle?


It’s a Geordie Shore favourite haunt and a frequent feature on my Instagram feed so when I was to choose a place for a Wednesday Ladies’ Lunch I knew that maybe The Botanist was up there with a must.

We arrived down the side ‘alley’ and the small shabby chic green door welcomed us. Stepping into what felt like Alice in Wonderland’s Tea Party. With quaint little shabby chic items, all positioned perfectly. We stepped into the lift the doors shut, it creaked and then it dropped. The sheer look on our faces was a picture of our lives flashed before our eyes. Thinking our lunch was about to turn into an afternoon in a lift and a fireman rescue.

Fortunately, the lift wasn’t broken. Exiting the lift after our short brief shock we opened the door on the first floor and stepped into the most magical place in Newcastle (other than the annual Pantomime at the Theatre Royal). It was breathtaking. The tree fabulously positioned in the centre of the restaurant behind the bar reaching all the way up to the glass roof was enchanting.

I didn’t know if I felt as if I was in a Harry Potter film, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory or Alice in Wonderland. The shabby chic, rustic look with industrial lighting and toile des jouy plates were rather perfectly complemented by modern acoustic sounds filling the room. While quirky cocktail glasses floated in the direction of those mid-day lunchers and casual shoppers stopping off for a refresher.

Is The Botanist a really great place to eat in Newcastle?


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Botany & Cocktails

As we sat down and perused the menu we ordered a round of drinks. My lunch partner, very hungover, ordered a half a lager and thrown I ordered a pint. Not very girly and not very GNR training friendly. I totally wish I had gone for the Passion Fruit & Basil Crush or alternatively The Botanist. They’re therefore definitely on my drink list for next time.


The lovely, rather attentive waitress came and took our order and off she went. We chatted and people watched. Noticing that there was an eclectic range of ages and different demographics within The Botanist this late Wednesday afternoon. We so weren’t surprised the décor, menu selection and service are all fantastic.

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Our food arrived in a timely manner and was served hot just the way I enjoy it best. I had selected the Cauliflower Cheese Pie and chips with brown sauce.  My lady who lunches, well she had the beef burger and chips.

Northern girls love pies

My pie was absolutely delicious. Which was accompanied with some pickled onions and a sliced gherkin on top for decoration. Mushy peas, seasoned chips and the brown sauce, which trust me makes a massive difference! I’m a believer of HP must accompany pastry.

As a massive cauliflower cheese fan, this is what I wait all week for on my Sunday Dinner I am the strictest judge of the best cheese sauce. Therefore the verdict. My goodness, The Botanist didn’t disappoint. I certainly would choose that again.

My lunch date, her burger looked fabulous. Arriving with some seasoned chips on the side. The burger was topped with cheese, lettuce and tomato. It was given the seal of approval with a gherkin flag and packed into an on-trend little crate.

Apparently, this was a filling and tasty beef burger and my dining partner was suitably pleased with another great lunch choice. Even planning her next meal next week when we return. Also another seal of satisfaction for you.

So, in conclusion, now I plan on sampling the whole of the cocktail list….

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