If your renovating or redecorating chances are you’ll be changing the vast majority of the room’s aesthetics. I know myself, I carefully plan colour charts, find flooring or soft furnishing samples and look at images similar to my vision on Pinterest. All to ensure that my visualised end look all pulls together cohesively. One important thing that often may often be overlooked is the window styling. Whilst on occasion a quick wash or wipe down will do the trick. Sometimes a full replacement is required. Whether that be the windows themselves, the curtains or blinds or even the items on your windowsill.

Window Styling: 3 Tips How To Style Your Home Windows Perfectly. 1

New windows are a huge job and probably something that isn’t completed on a room by room basis. Instead as a larger external job. We’re ultimately going to focus on internal interior styling of windows, however, it is worth noting that the choice of actual window style you go for does also influence the look of your whole room and the window styling.

Framing the window with Blinds

When beginning to window styling, it is important to start with the large items and work down to the smaller trinkets such as candles and vases. The idea behind this is that it’s far easier to style windows with the larger items first than focus the whole styling around one smaller item. 

Choosing off the shelf blinds can be tricky. So we highly recommend made to measure blinds. These are made to specification to the fabric or wood of your choice in the perfect size. Of course, there’s more than one style of blind you can choose from. In my personal opinion framing a window with a Roman Blind offers a more opulent look as the volume of the blind adds depth to your window. 

In contrast, Wooden Blinds offer a more contemporary, fresh and modern look. This every day popular style of blinds not only work well with most decor styles. But they also are practical and offer the perfect amount of privacy.

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Opt for blinds that fit in the recess as opposed to being fitted straight over the front of the window for a number of reasons. Firstly, they look far more aesthetically pleasing, sophisticated and luxurious. Secondly, they give the appearance of a larger window, which in turn gives the room an appearance of looking larger. Finally, if they are closer to the window, they can trap light far more effectively from the recess. Rather than hanging in front of the window which requires a larger volume of light to be trapped.

Framing the window with Curtains

After you’ve chosen blinds to frame your window, I also like to add heavy material curtains to really compliment the blinds. These are often in a contrast colour to the curtains and give the window a warmer more homely feel when teamed with blinds. Ideal for when the rain is crashing against the windows outside. 

Choosing heavy material such as velvet gives a super luxe feel. Not only to the curtains but also the look of the window. I recommend choosing a lighter colour to give a more open and airy feel and to make your room look bigger. However, if your decor is very minimal and clean looking then using the curtains to showcase a colour pop is a great way to inject a little personality into your room. 

Always opt for floor length curtains too. This lengthens the wall and helps give the illusion your room is larger than it is.

Window Styling your window sill

Once you have styled your window using blinds and curtains together (or simply on their own) then you’ll want to add textures, some colour and definitely a mix of height on your window sill. Try and do two things here, firstly, don’t clutter your window sill. Secondly, don’t leave it empty and unfinished looking.

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It’s entirely up to you what you choose to put on your window sill. Some people choose to style books, some place plants on theirs, candles are a firm favourite. Vases are popular as too are glass bottles. It is entirely up to you what you choose to place on the sill. Just keep a style in mind.

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You can choose to keep everything central, or simply style one end. Choose items that fit with the theme of the room. You know, don’t have a basil plant in your bathroom, keep that for the kitchen! Select pieces that are in the same colour scheme. Don’t be afraid to use height, in fact, it’s encouraged.

Try and vary the height of your items if they’re not all the same. So that this gives the eyes different focal points and adds a little texture to your window. Try different things, styling isn’t going to be perfect the first time. Use different pieces, try them in different places and stack them in a different order until you finally find a window style in which you really feel content with.

Do you have any window styling tips? Drop them below


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