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Sprucing up your home, whether if it’s for a new change in style or for a particular season or holiday, is the perfect DIY project. Having another person do it for you can get pricey. Plus, when you do it yourself, you have the pride and satisfaction that you did all this fantastic work yourself and can proudly show it off to family and friends at your next get together.

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When it comes to DIY interior sewing projects, you want the best materials that represent your style and level of sophistication. While you can cut back on costs by doing it yourself, you don’t want to go cheap on the fabric. No matter what you’re looking to create with your savvy sewing talent, getting the right material will reflect on the look of the finished piece.

DIY Sewing Projects for Interiors

Anything involving fabric will make for an excellent project. With the holidays and winter season right around the corner, this may be a perfect time to start encouraging that holiday spirit or redecorate to reflect the season.


  • Curtains are the ultimate showcase of your sewing talent when it comes to an indoor sewing project. The accent and frame your windows and provide a lush accent to make your interior pop. Check out these fabrics for some inspiration! This solid Yoryu Chiffon Ivory fabric is a lightweight and textured material that will bring an airy and softened look to your home. It’s soft and machine washable. Perfect for a year-round look.


Though you can easily buy a lampshade at your nearest home improvement store, you may not find what you’re looking for. The right fabric and some sewing know-how, and you’ll be seeing it light up your room with the perfect accent in the form of a lampshade. For a touch of elegance, consider this Paisley Knits Lace Ivory Crochet 50  Fabric. Its sheer, see-through, and adds a touch of class to die for.

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Table Runner

What would a holiday or family event be without a fancy table runner. This simple project idea is quick and will give your dining room some extra punch. This Bubble Crepe ME160 Ivory-Peach Fabric will look splendid on your table with your most delicate china and lit candles to bring extra ambience to the room.

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Reversible Placemats

Protect your table from knicks and scratches by creating reversible placements. You can make functional, yet still stylish. Your family, friends, and guests will think they’re dining out while inside your home. This Liverpool S418V Burgundy-Ivory stripe fabric will never go out of style. Pair it with a solid burgundy or ivory fabric to match or, for contrast, choose a cooler colour like a blue solid or floral pattern for the other side.

Going to the store to get premade stuff is easy, but you may never find what you’re looking for. Creating these sewing projects yourself is as easy as going to Fabrics By The Yard to find the right material to fit your needs. Search for their wide selection of high-quality fabrics and inspired to create magic with your DIY indoor sewing project.