Why is travelling solo beneficial? 

Why is travelling solo beneficial? 

While the idea of setting off by yourself on a trip to another country may seem more than a little daunting, there are plenty of reasons why solo travel is becoming increasingly popular with holidaymakers; from extra freedom when arranging activities to increased confidence and self-esteem, you could experience numerous potential benefits by taking a solo road trip or holiday. 

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How to say safe when travelling alone

When travelling alone, it’s essential that you plan your trip thoroughly and take preventative measures to stay safe, especially if you’re travelling to or through unfamiliar or potentially dangerous countries and locations.

Ensure that you conduct plenty of research on your chosen destination and make sure to follow local guidelines and travel protocols wherever necessary. To avoid potential stress when you’re travelling, consider booking transport and accommodation well ahead of time and make sure to inform a trusted friend or family member of your plans and whereabouts – while it’s tempting to do your own thing when travelling solo, ensure that you keep in regular contact with loved ones at home so that they know you’re safe.

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If you were to suffer an accident or injury when travelling alone, your loved ones will have a better idea of your location and be better equipped to track you down or provide assistance and support, whether that be moral or financial. To stay covered when you’re travelling solo, consider investing in a competitive traveller’s insurance plan before setting off on your adventure.

How does it help you to see the world differently and gain new perspectives?

It’s been said that travelling solo can reduce stress and depression, boost your immune system and even increase your life expectancy, but what are the social and cultural benefits? By travelling solo in an unfamiliar location, you’ll likely have to challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone and make quick autonomous decisions to help your trip run smoothly – while this can be difficult at first, the more often you travel solo, making these decisions will become easier and almost second-nature.

Because solo travellers are able to autonomously plan their own routes, train tickets, accommodation, activities and itineraries without having to rely on or appease others, it’s easier to focus your trip on your own interests, rather than the interests of fellow travellers – you can also plan your trip based on your own budget, so won’t have to compromise when it comes to sorting out finances or picking hotel rooms.

Why is travelling solo beneficial? 

The extra freedom enabled by solo travel can enable you to more easily take your trip ‘off the beaten track’, meet new people and experience unknown cultures in a more meaningful and authentic way than the typical holidaymaker.  

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