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3 Fears of Solo Traveling

Trying to prepare for a solo trip may be quite challenging. It brings up a lot of anxious thoughts, especially when it’s your first trip alone. In every journey, there are a lot of things that can go wrong and cause you to fear and even panic. It’s like a game of chance like you place bets on best live roulette casinos.

Emerging phobias are usually obsessive thoughts that you have until you finally reach your destination. Here are the main fears you may encounter.

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The most common fear travellers have when travelling solo usually has to do with their safety. Often criminals direct their attention to travellers who have let their guard down. For example, people who walk around with an open bag and unknowingly expose its valuable contents.

While you can’t control absolutely everything that the word “security” implies, always keep an eye on yourself. Keep your wallet and important documents in the back of your bag so they are hard to get or drop. Also, don’t put on too expensive jeans or dresses, they can attract thieves. Especially when there is no one else on a whole street.

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Check in advance what the situation with credit cards is in the country you are planning to travel to. In Finland, cards are accepted almost everywhere, but in Germany, there are serious problems with such payments. Depending on this, determine the amount of cash you take with you. Be sure to save some money on the card and you can withdraw it easily. It is better to pay a withdrawal fee than to lose your entire budget all at once.


Periods of loneliness happen to most people at some point in their lives. Many people travel alone, without their family or friends. You are more likely to meet travelling companions during your trip.

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Be sociable with people wherever you go, in the hotel or in public places. This will give you a chance to make new friends for socializing, travelling, and adventure. What’s more, you can always call your family or friends on WhatsApp.

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