5 Most Common Questions About Falsies

5 Most Common Questions About Falsies | Beauty | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

If you have been considering trying some false eyelashes (falsies) to accentuate your eyes, you are not alone. Using fake lashes is a growing fashion trend that seems to be here to stay. With so many products available and all the necessary accessories, applying false eyelashes might seem like a daunting prospect.

The process requires practice to perfect its technique, and users should expect a few less-than-successful attempts on their first few tries. If you are new to using false eyelashes, here are six frequently asked questions and their answers:

5 Most Common Questions About Falsies | Beauty | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

I am worried that using false eyelashes will damage my natural ones. Is this true?

This is indeed a good question: do false lashes ruin your real lashes? The answer depends on the products you use. Quality lashes from Lilly Lashes, Tatti Lashes, and Lilac St. are unlikely to damage your natural lashes when used according to directions. Lilac St. has a range of lash extension products with different lengths and styles, including original, feather, and volume. These high-quality products are made from individually arranged fibers and can last up to five days when correctly applied. Stacking Lilac St’s lash extensions or combining styles create a dramatic, unique look.

Correctly applied false eyelashes are less likely to damage your natural lashes than the adhesive used to attach them. Like all bonding agents, eyelash glue contains chemicals that could harm or irritate your skin, especially when you use too much. However, the adhesive should not be harmful when applied and removed correctly. During the removal process, ripping false eyelashes off or attempting to peel glue residue off your lash line can rip eyelashes out or damage them. Provided you do not do this, false eyelashes should not damage your natural ones.

5 Most Common Questions About Falsies | Beauty | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Should I apply false eyelashes before eye makeup or after?

Most expert makeup artists recommend leaving false eyelash application at the end of your routine. Putting the lashes on first and then trying to apply eyeshadow could prove messy and ruin your look.

Most users apply eyeliner after affixing their false eyelashes as the liner can disguise the lash strip. Wearing mascara on false eyelashes is a matter of personal preference. Some users find it unnecessary and use fake lashes, so they do not have to apply mascara. Before considering mixing eye makeup with false eyelashes, read the directions carefully. Oil-based cosmetics can degrade your lash adhesive’s integrity, causing your lashes to start peeling.

I am worried about applying too much lash glue. How much is enough?

There is a fine line between too much and too little lash glue, and being on either side could render less-than-stellar results. Using too much adhesive can leave a clumsy glue line that others can see. Not enough glue will see your false eyelashes coming off when you least need them to.

Use lash glue with a nozzle applicator that prevents too much glue from getting out the tube and onto a lash strip. The line of glue should cover that lash strip to ensure even application without causing a sticky mess.

My false eyelashes are too long for my eyelid. What should I do?

It is vital to establish that your false eyelashes will fit along your lash line without overrunning it. Not everyone’s lash line is the same length, and manufacturers use an average when making their products. Your lash line might be shorter than that average.

Measure your false lashes against the curve of your eyelid before applying glue to them. Use a pair of sharp-nosed scissors and trim them to fit. Leaving it until after applying the adhesive and attaching them makes for a sticky mess that is challenging to manage.

5 Most Common Questions About Falsies | Beauty | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

I wear contact lenses/glasses. Can I still use false eyelashes?

Anyone can wear fake lashes, even contact lens users and people who wear spectacles. False eyelashes are applied to your lash line and should not interfere with vision-correcting measures.

Contact lens users should put their contacts in before applying false eyelashes. You can place your lashes more accurately and will not need to tug or move them afterward to insert the lenses. Unless you choose extremely long false eyelashes, they should not brush up against your spectacle lenses. If you struggle to see without your glasses, it might be best to ask someone else to affix your false eyelashes.

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