How to Enjoy Food Without Worrying About Food Stains?

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We have all been there.

Going on a fine-dining date at a picturesque restaurant in New York, and your wine dropped on your new dress. Having fun at a barbecue party at your friend’s, and the sauce dripped on your favorite shirt. Worst of all, someone knocked over a cup of coffee on your work outfit on your first day of work.

Maybe it is not your fault, but even if you are just a casualty of food and beverage spills, the result is still the same. You have to deal with the food stains.

If you are determined to remove the food stain on your new dress, reach out to a laundry service in NYC. But, if you are dealing with a food stain from your friend’s party or spilled coffee from work, here are what you can do at home:

How to Enjoy Food Without Worrying About Food Stains?

Coffee and Tea Stains

Coffee or tea stain on your work clothes is a big deal. Once it sets on the clothes, the stain becomes annoying and stubborn to remove. Some thought they had removed the stain, but after a while, the faint yellowish residues resurface. How can you save your work outfit?

If the stain is fresh, use hot water to rinse it. But if the stain is old, soak the cloth in dishwashing liquid or borax. Wash the stained clothes based on their care label.

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Wine Stains

A spilled wine can ruin your special date, but what’s more threatening is if the stain becomes stubborn to remove. What you can do is place a paper towel on the stain to absorb liquid. If the stain is too large, place salt on the paper before placing it on top of the stained area. Let the salt do the job for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, rinse the stain. If there’s still some residue, you can wash it with equal parts of dishwashing liquid and white vinegar. Repeat the steps until the stain outline completely fades.

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Greasy Foods

Grease is hard to remove from the fabric. Luckily, grease stains are easily responsive to several substances that are fabric-friendly. Before washing your greased clothes, you have to deal with the thick and sturdy stains. Remove it with a dishwashing detergent on a sponge. Dab the stained area and rinse.

However, if the dishwashing liquid does not work, try dabbing it with rubbing alcohol. Once the stain is removed, you can wash your stained clothes as recommended on its laundry care label.

Do you have old food stains?

While it is true that immediately dealing with stains is better and has a higher success rate, it does not mean old stains are impossible to remove.

Laundry experts recommend pre-treating the stain and using water pressure to help remove the stain. After which, soak clothes for up to 30 minutes and repeat the step until you see the desired outcome. You can either launder it at home or bring it to your trusted laundry service provider.

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