How to Become a Makeup Artist

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If you love makeup and want to work as a makeup artist, this is the perfect time to get started. Makeup artists are in high demand, so finding work is usually pretty easy to do. From working for a major brand or going out on your own, you need the right skills to get started.

Build Your Portfolio

Aside from having the right skills, you need to build your portfolio. You’ll need this to show potential clients and employers. The beauty sector is a billion-dollar industry so you’ll need to have the right products to use and money to create a website that showcases your talent. If you’re eager to get started, you’ll need to buy multiple makeup palettes, brushes, and applicators, and also have money to market yourself. In addition to paying out of pocket, you can think about getting a personal loan.

Since the cost of quality makeup is high, paying out of pocket might not be feasible. With a loan, you can use funds to buy everything you need and also use the money to create an eye-catching website. You can also use the funds to buy photo equipment, so you can take high-quality images for your site.

Carnaby Christmas | Beauty makeup brushes | 6 beauty hacks for perfect skin | Skin regime | Beauty tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Freelance or Employee

Many top makeup artists started out as employees. They made a name for themselves and then decided to venture out on their own. Think about how you want to spend your days. Some thrive working in-house while others prefer to set their own hours and work when they want.

As a freelance makeup artist, you also get to choose your clients. You can specialize in bridal beauty, or look for work with clients who want to learn how to apply makeup. As an employee, you’ll work with whomever your boss has contracts with.

You could work in a makeup store, with high-end clients or again with brides or people looking to get their makeup done for special events. Both types of employment have pros and cons, so make sure you think about which would align best with your lifestyle.

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Know the Competition

The makeup industry is highly competitive, so you need to drill down and zero in on more than just makeup hacks, you need to thoroughly understand your toughest competitors. If you want to work exclusively with brides, who are in the highest demand right now?

What are they known for, and how can you learn from them? Identifying what makes your competition so popular is the first step in acquiring your own fan base. You need to learn from the best and use it to your advantage. Additionally, you also need to identify those who tried to make it in the beauty world and failed. Why? Because knowing their mistakes can help you avoid them.

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Market on Social Media

If you’re looking to get instant exposure, you need to create videos for social. TikTok gives you access to millions of users who love watching makeup videos. You can create how-to videos and teach people how to properly apply makeup. You can also post various tips and helpful tricks on Instagram and create your own in-depth tutorials on YouTube.

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