Summer Trend Spotlight: Crystal Jewellery

Summer 2021 is upon us, and that means it’s time to delve into the fun and carefree fashions of the season. And while looking good is often the focus of summer fashion, it’s important to feel good as well. That’s where crystal jewellery comes into play: crystal jewellery is the perfect summer accessory because you can benefit from the cute flair it adds to your style as well as from the healing properties associated with crystals. Crystal jewellery also brings so many different elements to your style; let’s look at how this type of bling can complete your summer look!

Add Some Colour

Working crystals into your jewellery and accessories is a great way to add some colour to your look. Even though you might be familiar with the classic white or off-white crystals, there is actually a full range of colours from green to blue to pink gemstones in the crystal family. Additionally, there are many black varieties of crystals that are excellent psychic protection stones. Black tourmaline or black obsidian gemstones, for example, are powerful cleansers of a muddy aura and can protect you from negativity.

Crystals can add an extraordinary pop of colour to any outfit, which makes them a great addition to a set wardrobe or to outfits with neutral colours.

And this effect works the opposite way, too. Since crystals come in neutral colours as well as vibrant ones, you can use neutral coloured crystals to tie together an outfit that features bold or bright colours. Thanks to their versatility, crystals are a great choice for adding and blending colours in your wardrobe.

Plate of 4 crystals | Summer Trend Spotlight: Crystal Jewellery | Fashion | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Add Some Personality

Crystals come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, so it’s easy to find new and unique ways to wear crystal jewellery. You can choose chunky crystal pieces for a more casual look, or you can go for drop earrings with pearls and other embellishments. When you think of someone who wears crystal jewellery, you might have a clear picture in your mind.

However, thanks to the versatility and diversity of crystals, there are countless different ways that crystals can be used and worn as an accessory. This means that no matter what your aesthetic may be, you’ll always have options when it comes to adding some extra sparkle and personality to your wardrobe.

Ornate necklace | Summer Trend Spotlight: Crystal Jewellery | Fashion | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Add Some Texture

Crystals are also great for adding a bit of texture to your look. Even if an outfit seems flat or too neutral, adding crystals is the perfect way to add that third dimension of depth to your look. The textures of crystal jewellery can be especially beneficial for taking photos, since the depth that the texture creates can add contrast and depth to the photos, as well.

If you’re looking for the best and most captivating pictures for your business or social media account, crystals can be the finishing touch that takes a great photo and makes it perfect. The texture of crystal jewellery can also add a fun and playful element to what might otherwise be a more reserved or subdued look. A little bit of crystal texture can go a long way.

Add Some Energy

There are so many great reasons to add crystals to your list of go-to accessories this summer, but one of the best reasons is the energy of crystals. Crystals are said to possess different energies that can affect your mood, health, and even your luck. According to many traditions, different types of crystals can contribute different types of energy to their surroundings. That is why wearing crystals with these special properties could benefit you in your daily life. 

Different crystals laid out on white background | | Summer Trend Spotlight: Crystal Jewellery | Fashion | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

It is clear to see how crystal jewellery can add a lot of different elements to your summer look. From colour to texture and from personality to energy, crystals have a lot to offer.