5 Ways to Accessorize With Rings

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Jewelry holds the power to lift your personality and transform you into a glamorous diva. And if you don’t pay attention, a fantastic outfit can turn out to be a fashion disaster. So, it becomes important to accessorize your jewellery. It has been for centuries that wearing jewellery creates a fashion statement and even represents social status. 

Fashion rules and jewellery styles have seen tremendous changes over the number of years, but there are few “jewellery etiquettes” that everyone should know about. Don’t forget that by adding the right type of jewellery to your outfit, you can become the centre of attraction. Additionally, the wrong jewellery can also hamper your overall look. 

5 Ways to Accessorize With Rings

Moving further, rings have been gaining recognition in the jewellery world. People often think of the rings as independent accessories. They are of the notion that rings are nothing more than complimentary. 

But let us clarify this for you: You have to accentuate the rings to let your style statement speak for yourself. 

You spend the money to buy these beautiful pieces of jewellery. So, it is important to wear them in the right manner. Let’s find out several ways to accessorize yourself with the rings. 

Stacking them up – Wearing just one ring on the finger has become just out of fashion. Rings are not limited to just a smaller piece of accessory that you wear to look stylish. Now, you have the choice to stack or intertwine them together. It helps create a broader statement. 

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Wear them to represent something unique that should complement your personality. Display your rings with full zeal and make the best use of every one of your ten fingers. Include the variety in the small rings, and you will be successful in making the diverse statement. 

Can’t afford to spend lavishly on rings? You need not worry. Stack the rings to dress yourself in luxury. Load yourself in beautiful bulk rings to experiment and see what suits you the best. Rings are like an outfit for your fingers to accentuate your personality. 

Fashion ring symmetry – Don’t make your fingers look too busy while you are stacking them up. Place the precious stone ring or heirloom piece on the index finger to let your style speak for yourself. If you wish to wear the ring along with the thin band made from a similar metal, place it on your first knuckle. 

Reserve the middle finger for “Power stack” to show your collection. You can wear threadbare rings, chainrings, and thin bands here. 

What is the ideal way to create a power stack? Place two identical thinner gold bands on the pinky finger and index finger to beautify the power stack in the middle. 

After styling the rings in one hand, copy the same pattern for the other hand. But ensure that it would not look too similar. For instance – wear a similar style stone ring on both hands without stacking them up on the same fingers. This will create the fashion ring symmetry. 

Geometric shapes – You need to stack various rings. But is that all? Obviously, not. Knowing the method to stack them up also matters. It is true that balance is the key. Stick the thicker rings like Hawaii Titanium Rings to the bottom of your fingers and treat them as anchors. It will act as a base for the rest of the rings on your fingers. 

Girl with sunglasses and large gold abstract earrings | 5 Ways To Wear Earrings To Help Them Be More Flattering | Fashion & Style | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Mix your metals – One of the smartest ways to balance the symmetry of both hands is to mix the metals. And you don’t have to make it boring. Want to diversify the rings in a subtle manner? Match gold and silver rings. Thinking that you will have to buy your own gold and white ring? Well, stacking them appropriately will amp up your collection. Experimenting with jewellery is all about combining odd shapes, coloured stones, and audacious heirlooms. The sky is the limit when it comes to accessorizing yourself with the rings. 

Curate your own style – There are as many rules as you want to read. But it is important to curate your own style as well. It is time to mix and match your favourite accessories. Find the answers to the questions like which rings look best on which finger? What if I swapped the rings of both hands? What if you put the heirloom with a gold or silver ring?

To make a long story short.

Accessorizing yourself is an art. You need to try different things. Utilize the jewellery you already have in your box for a few years. Buying luxurious pieces of jewellery is great, but do you know what adds the wow factor to them? When you know the tricks and hacks play with them and be a little adventurous with them. So, give the rings a chance to take your style statement a notch higher. At last, Karen Elson could not be more right when she said – 

Trends come and go, and style evolves. It’s important to have pieces of jewellery that are timeless and look chic despite ever-changing fashions.”

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