A Guide To Acquiring Genuine Retro Watches

A Guide To Acquiring Genuine Retro Watches

If you are a lover of fine luxury timepieces, you certainly aren’t alone, as many people are avid collectors of these stunning examples of superb micro-engineering. Big brand names like Rolex, Rotary and Omega offer many retro models in both men’s and women’s styles. In this article, we offer a few tips on sourcing retro watches to add to your collection.

A Guide To Acquiring Genuine Retro Watches

Creating A Retro Watch Collection

If you are serious about collecting vintage luxury watches, you should forge a relationship with a local antique dealer. When you are ready to make a purchase, check their website to see what is available. If there is a particular timepiece you are looking for, the antique dealer is part of a nationwide network of dealers and can source most models. Much like other antiques, vintage watches appreciate in value over the years and if you have managed to acquire a sizeable collection, this would be of considerable value.

Antique Dealers

When looking for retro watches mens or womens, the best place to start your quest is the online antique dealer, where you can view genuine timepieces that are affordably priced. Luxury watches do come in many styles, not only retro. The dealer would know about the watch history as well as servicing records.

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Online Auctions

There are many online auctions that feature vintage luxury watches and they can be found using Google. Of course, there is always an element of risk when ordering second-hand goods from a private seller, yet there are things you can do to minimise these risks. You can check on the seller’s reviews to get an idea of how buyers found their service, while you can also ask for references.

Comparing Products & Prices

Let’s say that you have your heart set on a retro Rolex gents watch, you can easily locate sellers using an advanced Google search, especially if you know the model reference number. The seller should give an accurate description of the watch condition and in less time than it takes to pour yourself a drink, you can compare various sellers, ensuring you get the best deal.

The Importance Of Servicing

A complex timepiece does require regular maintenance and there should be a record in the owner’s manual to verify the service schedule. If one of your retro watches is in need of a service, your local antique dealer will know of an approved luxury watch technician. Once he knows the model number, he can quote for the work.

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When you buy a retro watch from an antique dealer, you can be sure that the timepiece is genuine and in good working order; with such an extensive catalogue, you can choose the watch that you like. With a secure online payment, the timepiece is packaged and sent to you by courier.

Retro style jewellery is big in 2022 and with a nice collection of luxury Rolex retro watches, you have the perfect accessory for every look.

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