Understanding Delta-8 THC

Understanding Delta-8 THC

Produced naturally from the cannabis plant and commonly found in cannabis Sativa, Delta-8 THC is a psychoactive substance that is very similar to Delta-9 THC. The differences in the chemical structure make delta-8 moderate and a lot less potent than delta-9. Found in small parts of hemp and marijuana, delta-8 has a natural transpiring chemical compound called cannabinoid. 

Understanding Delta-8 THC 1

Because of its mild nature, users who consume delta-9, refer to delta-8 as “marijuana lite” or “diet weed”. However, you might be wondering if delta-8 THC will make you feel high. The answer is yes, due to similar properties of delta-9, it will make you feel high but depending on person to person, it can be mild. 

You can buy the delta-8 THC products from various platforms, they come in the form of gummies, candies, vapes, pens, oils, tinctures, edibles, joints, and beverages. Before purchasing these products, don’t make the common mistake made by many people, confusing delta-8 with CBD which will not cause any high. 

Is Delta-8 THC safe?

This might be the most frequently asked question. It’s very normal to have concerns. There is a lack of research on how this chemical structure affects the human body. Many users say that they hear the benefits, but that is mostly through social media or from word of mouth. It is advised that you always consume Delta-8 products within limits.

What can be the probable benefits of Delta-8 THC?

Because of its mild nature, it produces a feeling of euphoria and relaxation. For people who don’t want to get too high, delta-8 lower potency may be an advantage. Due to lack of research, it is too early to say that the benefits of delta-8 outweigh its disadvantages. 

Some users claim that they have felt the following effects after taking delta-8 THC

  • Better Psychoactive experience: CBD has lost its market because users don’t get any high, whereas many may resist delta-9 because of getting anxious on high doses. That is why delta-8 is a safer option for many, it gets them high and uplifts the mood without making them edgy or lose focus. 
  • Palate Boost: often used for munchies, users have reported having a great time with delta-8 as it increases their appetite. 

How is Delta-8 different from Delta-9?

Both are referred to as THC, Delta-9 is stronger and has high concentrations in marijuana. Whereas delta-8 is mild, even though the chemical structure is somewhat similar, many refer to delta-8 as marijuana lite. The differences between Delta-9-THC and Delta-8 are minimal from a molecular standpoint. 

A specific chemical link does, however, appear on the eighth carbon rather than the ninth. Researchers from Harvard Medical School claim that delta-8 has a portion of psychoactivity as delta-9, but they both are not legal under federal law. 

Users assert that side effects from delta-9 are more severe and occur at higher doses. Despite the fact that delta-8 is different in this situation, you will still feel blissful and in control of the situation.

Keep this in mind while using Delta-8 THC

Even though in this article we have mentioned numerous times how mild delta-8 is, if you’re trying it for the first time it is always advised to go slow. As compared to delta-9, it has a delayed reaction, and depending from one to another it might take around 1-3 hours to kick in that high. Keep in mind to wait for a while before you go for another round but if you’re a cannabis user, your body chemistry might vary depending on your experience. 

Delta-8 THC products 

Understanding Delta-8 THC 2


Vaping is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to take in D8 THC. You can decide to utilize 510-threaded batteries and delta 8 on demand with delta 8 carts. You can also inhale or vape CBD flower that has been mixed with D8.


one of the most commonly used delta-8 products is hemp flower which is available in pre-rolled joints, which you can smoke like a regular joint but CBD is well mixed with delta-8 concentrates. 


With edibles like gummies, it’s simple to control how much you eat and administer a little amount, but it’s also simple to overdose if you start off too quickly. Start off slowly with any of these techniques, but especially with edibles, and then gauge your tolerance from there.

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