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3 Ways To Style a Dress for Brunch

Welcome back to the great outdoors! The sun is peeping through the clouds, we’re allowed back out out and it’s time to rethink our wardrobe choices. Or do we?

Over the last few months, we’ve brought you a series of loungewear styling tips while the most exciting place we’ve been able to go has been the supermarkets, which we hope haven’t gone to waste? You can catch up with the full series below;

As we transition from our slumber into going back outside again we can take some of these tips with us, especially now that sitting outside is the new (perhaps cosmopolitan) normal. So until the warmer months hit and we can sit indoors once again, perhaps rethinking a dress only option when getting dressed may be on the cards, or perhaps some simple styling tips can change your mind?

3 Ways To Style a Dress for Brunch 1

We’re sharing 3 top tips for styling a dress for brunch with the girls.

Oversized jacket

Nothing screams outdoor brunch more than an oversized jacket. Think denim, cord or even a flannel shacket over a cute little dress to really make your outfit stand out, look on fleek, all while keeping warm.

Powerful Style Business Dress | Business Fashion | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog


This is a bit of a no brainer, if you’re switching your joggers and tshirts for dresses and heels then why not opt for a dress with sleeves for a little more warmth while dining al fresco. You’ll not feel the cold as much and you’ll still look incredible as you eat out, winning all round don’t you think?

…don’t forget a blanket

Our favourite tip and an essential for your oversize handbag, a blanket. I used to laugh at my mum when she’d suggest taking a wrap out, now look what we have become, a nation of blanket carriers! Packing a warm blanket is now chic, throw it over your shoulders if you happen to get cold or place it across your knees to keep toasty while you pose for pics for the ‘gram, because we know your feed has dried up without travel and brunch dates, ours has too!

Powerful Style Business Dress | Business Fashion | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Whatever you wear when you’re out out you’re going to look sensational. It’s time to take back our style and let it reign supreme outside all across the land!

Laura is an award-winning entrepreneur with a passion for all things luxury. With a penchant for travel, her favourite destinations are Vegas and Ibiza. Catch her at the latest bar opening with a cocktail in hand followed by mornings in the gym. She dotes on her little Jack Russell, Ziggy and has an unhealthy Instagram obsession. Home interiors continue to grow as a passion and she absolutely loves shopping for all things fashion and beauty too.


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