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L'Occitane en Provence: What Makes It Such a Beloved Brand? | Beauty Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

L’Occitane en Provence: What Makes It Such a Beloved Brand?

When it comes to taking care of one’s appearance, there’s more to it than the outfit. No matter how fashion and makeup trends change, healthy skin is always in style. Unfortunately, keeping your skin healthy and glowing requires more effort than coming up with a good outfit. 

L'Occitane en Provence: What Makes It Such a Beloved Brand? | Beauty Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Maintaining a fresh look with a healthy glow takes TLC, which goes to show the importance of a daily skincare routine with the right set of products. Since there are various types of cosmetics on the market, one thing’s certain – you’re not out of options. While this is great news, it’s also bad news at the same time in the sense that you’ve got more to choose from than you can have knowledge of. 

The key to getting it right when shopping is to find reliable sellers and official stockists who can offer products from renown brands like the amazing Loccitane skin care range, for example. A little pamper goes a long way, and your skin could do well with pampering with their luxurious products!

Trust me, the brand is so much more than a brand of hand creams as some think it to be most synonymous with. L’Occitane has so much to offer and surprise you with when it comes to skincare, body care, hair care as the new skin care, and fragrances.

Meet L’Occitane, the Brand of Success

The French brand L’Occitane en Provence, better known as just L’Occitane, and its founder Olivier Baussan are great proofs that with a deep love for nature, dedication to social causes, rigorous testing, innovation, ethical values and implementation of latest technology you can get far.

L’Occitane en Provence: What Makes It Such a Beloved Brand? 1

Since its start back in 1976, the company is all about promoting high-quality natural skincare with active potent organic ingredients that nourish and protect your skin. Considering the story of the brand began with the founder’s distilling and selling pure rosemary oil, organic essential oils are still at the basis of most of the L’Occitane products.

In addition to this, product formulation, creative packaging, as well as boutique design are focal points of the brand too. Given that the name comes from the ancient province of Occitania stretched across southern France, the focus is also on celebrating and promoting the tradition, spirit and culture which can be seen in the ingredients as well as the colours of the packaging of the L’Occitane skin care.

In fact, yellow happens to be one of the colours that dominate the packaging and around more than 3000 stores around the globe, because it represents the warm sun that kisses the region of Provence. As for signature scents, you can count on light and fresh lavender typical for this magical region by the Mediterranean.

Buy L’Occitane, Support Sustainability and Social Causes

Having in mind what the brand’s values are, when you get beauty products from L’Occitane AU stores or any of the stores around the world, you help out with their mission for a better world. This is one of the main reasons that make it such a beloved skincare brand. 

L’Occitane en Provence: What Makes It Such a Beloved Brand? 2

Eco-Friendly, Ethical and Sustainable Farming

For instance, when you buy some of the products of the Immortelle skin care range, like the precious eye balm, the Divine cream, or the overnight reset serum, you support the local organic and sustainable plantation growers at Corsica who use no chemical fertilisers or treatment.

Enrich your skin care with the shea butter range, be it with the soap, ultra-rich comforting cream, hand and body lotion, hand and foot cream, or lip balm, and you’re helping to improve the lives of women farmers in Burkina Faso as L’Occitane’s main shea producers.

Almond is another of their treasured ingredients, so you’re going to find many almond-based loccitane skin care formulations, from the shower oil and milk concentrate, to hand and body creams, and exfoliating scrubs. Getting one of them, or making up a whole collection means supporting the brand’s mission to protect biodiversity and reintroduce almond trees back in the region of Provence, helping out local eco-friendly almond producers.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Joining other brands in the fight against plastic waste, L’Occitane has started implementing innovative technology that allows them to have eco-friendly manufacturing. As of 2022, they hope to incorporate the Loop PET plastic into the packaging of their products, an option that’s known to be 100% sustainable as it comes from repurposed and transformed degraded plastics.

This comes as part of their ongoing strategy to address the environmental impact of the beauty industry, given that they already have in-store recycling with about 30% of the retail spots, and they hope to increase this percentage in the near future.

Prevention of Blindness

Committed to combating preventable blindness, given that there are cases of people with visual impairment who can be cured, the company adopts this as one of the main social responsibilities. Besides supporting projects about avoiding blindness, they create richly scented L’Occitane products to engage the senses of people with sight problems.

Furthermore, they’ve dedicated to making their products as accessible as they can so they also invest in the packaging by adding Braille labels – you too can make your contribution to the cause by buying their cosmetics. In addition, they make a change in the world by donating to charities for the blind, and have been running a summer school for the visually impaired in Manosque, France.

Immerse in the Brand

Besides getting the sense of what the brand is all about by acquiring the lovely L’Occitane skin care for yourself and those you care about, you can treat yourself to the experience of a lifetime by immersing in their world. Don’t believe me? It’s possible to give them a visit, take a peek at their labs, see how they do the testing and how they implement the innovative ideas and technologies up close.

L’Occitane en Provence: What Makes It Such a Beloved Brand? 3

You can also meet up with their genius scientists, like Elizabeth Devilard, and have them explain more about the incredible testing the brand’s products go through; one of them is using actual human skin from the plastic surgeries, to study how skin reacts to certain ingredients.

Finish up the adventure with a hot air balloon trip through the region, visit one of their workshops, taste savoury wines with the outdoor lunches, and treat yourself to an unforgettable massage. L’Occitane knows you deserve it! 

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