Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting Botox in Las Vegas

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Things you should know about getting botox in Las Vegas | Beauty | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Suppose you are in your early 20s, and you can’t comprehend why you need Botox and other cosmetic surgeries in the first place. You can know more about cosmetic surgeries on this site here. Having no knowledge about them early on can also lead to a lot of misinformation. Here’s Debra’s story from Las Vegas, who told her experience with this cosmetic procedure on a blog.

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Debra’s Story about Botox

“I always say when I was young, I will never undergo surgeries and invasive cosmetic procedures. One of them is Botox, and I believe that they are only for the superstars and the vain.

Although the Drug and Food Administration approved Botox in 2002, it still sounds extreme, and my friends couldn’t agree more. But this is easy to say when you are in your 22, and your baby smooth skin is still visible for all to see.

Things you should know about getting botox in Las Vegas | Beauty | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

When I was in my late 30s, I begin to think things through. I gradually look for ways on how I can go back to my youthful look. I’m currently on my second round of Botox and have never looked back ever since.

Nobody wants to appear older or look their age. I was glad that I don’t have to deal with the menstruation cramps every month and embarrassing acne breakouts on my face, but there are still different aspects of my body that I’m starting to dislike. To give you an idea, you can read some of the body changes that people undergo as they age here:

Lately, if I ever look at a picture of mine, there are always “elevens,” lining my brows. The tiny dents made my face look angrier than I feel at the moment. I didn’t appreciate the irritated look that I’m showing the world even if I’m not feeling that way.

Knowing that just a few shots of Botox can solve my problems, I decided to give this treatment a go. After all, if others are doing this, then there’s no reason why I can’t. Makeup only provides temporary aesthetic, and the effect wears off as long as you wash it, but what about Botox?

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If you’re also contemplating getting this treatment, then here are some of the experiences that I can share with you.

1. Wrinkles are Prevented, Not Erased

Botox is known to be effective treatments against fine lines and wrinkles. However, the injections would not erase these imperfections off one’s space. For most patients, they consider the work as a preventative one instead of a restorative.

The active ingredient will freeze the facial muscles so you won’t contract them. Botox should not be considered as an iron that can remove frown lines and deeper wrinkles. The good thing is that the earlier you prevent these fine lines from appearing, such as in your early 20s, the more effective it will be on your face.

2. It’s Not Exclusive to Celebrities

Despite what the mainstream media is portraying, Botox can be for everyone. You may see Hollywood superstars and celebrities’ flat foreheads, so I thought that this is something that A-listers are most likely to afford.

I tried to have conversations with my social circle in Las Vegas. I tried bringing the subject in a super casual way, and I was surprised that most of my friends had theirs in Francesca’s in Vegas, and they were in the third or fourth rounds. This is common for women in my age and financial brackets, so I was happier than I was not alone in this journey.

The injections may be costly, but they are very worth it. They are very affordable compared to injectable fillers and plastic surgeries. At around $15 per unit, the expected cost can be about $300 for 20 companies, and this is for the average treatment on the forehead. This is expensive for some but not in the league of a red-carpet Oscar’s awardee’s expenses that I had expected.”


As Debra has shared, she finally got to know Botox’s benefits by trying it out for herself. There are a lot of other advantages that you can experience if you tried it once. If you have the desire to be attractive and get rid of the frown lines that make you look angry, then you may want to visit a clinic near you to know which treatments will serve you best.

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