5 Ways To Track Your Weight Loss Progress

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Your body changes a lot when you start training. Your muscles become stronger, the heart works efficiently, circulation gets better, fat cells are diminished, and more changes happen. Some of these changes are significant while some are not so. It is difficult to track all these changes when you are in a weight loss program.

There are various ways to track your weight loss and it is important to track your weight when you are doing physical activity regularly. Tracking weight loss motivates you to do better while also giving you information on your overall health progress. Learn more about how to remain better gut health during your weight loss journey on Healthcanal.

Here, we list some of the prominent and obscure ways of tracking your weight loss activity.

Ways to track your weight loss progress

1. Weighing Scale

Body Weighing scales are the most used and reliable way of tracking your weight. It is commonly found in the gym and other workout places, so it is easy to check your weight. Most of the digital weighing scales found today are reliable, so you don’t have to worry about any problems or wrong measurements with the scale. You may notice some fluctuations in your weight depending upon various factors such as when you last ate, dress weight, and more. But you will generally get a reliable weight measurement if you take repeatedly and take an average on that.

5 Ways To Track Your Weight Loss Progress 1

If you are starting your weight loss program, it is recommended to buy a good quality digital weighing scale. You can weigh daily at a specific time and can track your weight loss over time.

2. Smart Application

People now use different health applications to monitor their health activity. There are also apps that are used for performing exercises daily. These applications are a good way to monitor your weight. You can input your weight and other measurements to these applications frequently. Not only your body measurements, but you can also log your food calories level and exercise level. Over time, you get a good overview of how your health has progressed by different charts and levels shown with these apps. Applications such as Apple Health, Google Fit, and Mi Fit act as a good tool to monitor your weight loss progress.


These applications don’t generally work alone as you will need some wearable devices along with it. These smart wearables have sensors to count the calories burned, steps taken, and measure other activities. If you don’t mind using the smart wearables along with the health tracking app, then you can reap all the benefits of using it. It is a good way to track your weight loss over time.

3. Measuring your body parts

Your body stores fat in different regions such as the abdomen, chest, thighs, hips, biceps, and more. So to get a good measure of your weight loss progress, you can measure these parts of your body. As you do your weight loss physical activity, you tend to lose fat. But at the same time, your muscle mass may grow so you won’t see much loss in your weight using a weighing scale.

Military Exercises - Stretcher Race | How much weight can you lose on a week boot camp? | We headed to Who Dares Slims in Andalucia, Spain to see how much weight we could lose in just one week with extreme military led fitness and a controlled diet | Fitness Blog | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Muscle is also much denser than fat and takes up less space than fat, so you won’t see your progress using a weighing scale much. In this case, you can use a tape and measure your body parts such as hips, waist, thigh, chest, and bicep. You can measure it once a week to see how you progress in your weight loss activity. If you see the tape measures less than what you had, then you are definitely making good progress.

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4. Clothing and Mirror

You can be sure that you’ve reduced some weight if your pants and shirt don’t fit anymore. If the pant becomes loose over time, then you’ve reduced much fat from your waist area. You can feel your shirt and pants becomes loose as you wear them. You can always use reference pants and shirts to see the changes in your body. You can wear them once a week to see how it fits. If it becomes loose, you can be sure that you’ve reduced your weight. Loose pants that once were tight will definitely motivate you to do more.

You can also check yourself in the mirror to get a glimpse of your body fitness. You can check it out regularly to see how your body changes over time as you do your weight loss workout programs.

5. Pictures

You can take pictures of your body regularly and see that changes take shape as you do your fitness routine. They are not the best way to measure your weight loss, but they do have some value as you see your body parts change in the pictures. When you compare your old pictures with the new pictures and see a good difference, you get motivated to lose more weight.


You should take picture of your front, side, and back of your body once a week on the same day for comparison purposes. You won’t notice any changes within a few weeks, but you can definitely see your body taking a good shape in one or two months if you do your weight loss exercise properly.

Why do you need to track your weight?

The main reason to track body weight during your exercise routine is to see the progress. If you exercise regularly and stick to your diet, then you will definitely see your weight get reduced. This may not happen soon as your body needs some time to adjust to your new routine, but you will see it nonetheless.

Seeing your progress gives you an idea of how good your exercise routine is. Tracking also motivates you to do more. It is always a good thing to track your weight when you are indulging yourself in a new weight loss routine.


Weight loss is a good way to stay healthy. It reduces the chance of getting chronic sicknesses such as diabetes, BP, and heart conditions that will threaten your life. While performing your weight loss routine, it is also preferable that you don’t overdo it by losing more than your optimal weight. So it is always a good practice to track your weight loss doing your exercise routine. Hope this post gives you some idea on how to track your weight loss effectively.

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