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Incredible Things To Do On Your Mauritius Vacation 1
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Incredible Things To Do On Your Mauritius Vacation

When I go on holiday I want to explore. I want to see and experience different cultures and traditions that I don’t get to see at home. I love meeting interesting people, learning about new cultures and languages. However, my partner’s idea of a perfect holiday is to sit on a beach or beside a pool absorbing vitamin D. And travelling with children means they want places to play and things to buy. Which is why Mauritius is a perfect vacation spot, it has a little something for everyone except snow skiers

Incredible Things To Do On Your Mauritius Vacation 2

Located off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, the Island Nation was completely uninhabited until 1507. Although it had been used as an infrequent stopping post for passing ships since its earlier discovery. It is most famous for stunning beaches unlike and natural waterfalls that are as accessible as they are beautiful. It was also the home of the now definitely extinct Dodo bird. 

How Long Should I Stay?

Because Mauritius only has an area of 2,040 km2/790 sq mi, which is smaller than Rhode Island. With a population of under 1.5million people, there is an idea that you won’t need much time to explore. Particularly because you can probably drive from one side to the other in just a few hours. 

Incredible Things To Do On Your Mauritius Vacation 3

The problem with this idea is that there is just so much to see! Your best bet is to plan two or three tours. At least on your first vacation, something like this discovery tour will give you a great overview of all there is to see and do. 

Most people stay around a week, and by day 2 are already looking at when they can book in their next vacation. One of your best decisions might be to start with a sightseeing tour. If you enjoy heights, then the experience of sightseeing by helicopter or light plane might be perfect. And is a truly sensational way to see all the beauty that Mauritius has on show. 

What Can I Do in Mauritius?

Sticking with tours they are a great way to get the experts to show you the sights that you might otherwise miss. But there are a range of different tours you can book all depending on what your primary interests are. 

Incredible Things To Do On Your Mauritius Vacation 4

Love Nature 

There are so many beautiful spots in Mauritius. It is also home to the oldest established botanical garden in the Southern Hemisphere. There are options that allow you to hike in the native bush. Or take a gentle stroll to enjoy a cup of tea near a waterfall. 

You will be able to discover 7 coloured earth and the Chamarel Waterfall. The Casela Nature Park (which is a dream location for ornithophiles). Investigate the outer islands or study some of the world’s rarest plants and animals, many of which can only be found in Mauritius. Of course, if you are exploring by air you will also be able to see the underwater waterfall. Which is a jaw-dropping sight https://scienceblogs.com/startswithabang/2013/09/22/weekend-diversion-an-underwater-waterfall.

Water Babies

Whether you are looking at heading out to spot whales. Swim with dolphins and enjoy a relaxing cruise around the island watching the sunset with a bottle of champagne. Mauritius is a great place to test out your sea legs. Of course, you can also go snorkelling both from the shore or from a boat. As well as surfing or kite surfing and scuba diving. 

Incredible Things To Do On Your Mauritius Vacation 5

One of the more unique experiences that you will want to try is an underwater sea walk. This is perfect for people that don’t have any experience with scuba diving. As you are set up with a suit that looks very much like an astronaut’s spacesuit. Allowing you to walk and breath underwater easily. Do make sure that you are going with someone who is licensed and experienced though.

Drink ‘Till You Drop

It’s true, Mauritius isn’t the place you go to if you want to come home with suitcases full of affordable handmade suits. However, it is the place to go if you want to taste some of the most fabulous rum, With exotic flavours that are desired around the world (even CNN has noticed, see here).

Of course, it’s not all about alcohol. The island is also home to the Bois Cheri tea plantation, which not only produces delicious tea. But has tours and a restaurant that creates a true culinary experience. Don’t forget to nip into a Tabagie to pick up a few Napolitaines – which go well with Rum or Tea. 



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