4 Cosmetic Cover-Ups To Disguise Common Ailments

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Most of us have had a cold or two in the past. And some of us have other long-term medical conditions that mean we need to work a little bit harder to create that healthy-looking glow with a cosmetic cover-up.

Makeup is amazing for hiding the odd pimple and the occasional heavy night. But is it really possible to cover up the tell-tale signs of an illness? Here are four common ailments, and some suggestions to help you hide their effects:

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Common Cold

The common cold will leave your face looking pale all over, except for your nose! Red noses from a cold will give you away long before you sneeze. To reduce the redness, use a green-tinged base cream. Let it dry a little before you apply a powder foundation.

You may choose to use a little extra blush across your cheeks to give some colour to your pale face when you’re poorly. Warm drinks can also bring a little extra colour to your skin when you’re feeling run down.


A whopping 12% of Americans will suffer a thyroid problem during their lives. Those that have hypothyroidism suffer a thinning of the hair, particularly at the outer edges of the eyebrows. To help those brows look thick and full again, try some tinted brow gel.


Regular brushing and trimming of the eyebrow hairs can help give the impression they are thicker. Try not to over pluck when shaping, as regrowth may be very slow.


Along with those who have hypothyroidism, dry skin is a huge problem for sufferers of diabetes. While this can look awful on your face, your feet should be more of a concern. Those with diabetes should avoid cuts and abrasions to their feet as they can take so long to heal. Keep skin in good condition and try to keep them covered even in the summer.

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As for a flaky face, regular facial scrubs and a good moisturiser will help enormously. Choose a creamier foundation to avoid drying out. Poor circulation at the nails can be covered up with metallic nail colours that will offer a fantastic shine too.

Chronic Allergies

Those suffering chronic allergies may regularly experience puffy eye bags and dark blue circles under the eyes. These are very easy to cover up with the right eye-roller. But reducing the puffiness can also help keep those unpleasant dark circles at bay.

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Use cucumber slices or moist wipes to take the heat out. Regular exercise will push the fluids around your body better and stop them collecting in your face. A cooling eye roller will also help gently massage the most delicate skin under your eyes. This can help promote a better blood circulation and healthier colour to the area.

Illnesses are never fun. But when they show all over our faces, we can always turn to cosmetics to help hide them. Sometimes clever technique may be all you need. Or perhaps you can find one or two products that are particularly good at disguising problem areas. How do you cover up problem areas?

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