The Rising Health Problem Like Hypothyroidism Needs Some Attention!

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Do you know that one in ten Canadians have thyroid problems or aren’t even aware of their ailment? Nearly 1 in 50 people in Canada suffer from an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) at some stage. It primarily affects women. If your T4 level is low while your TSH is high, you are a hypothyroidism patient. The thyroid is a small gland that looks like a butterfly in shape and stays in the windpipe. The gland creates hormones to allow your body to consume energy. When your body stops producing adequate thyroid hormones, this disease becomes inevitable. 

Thyroid hormones influence heartbeats, digestive systems, and other natural functions of the body. Generally, hypothyroidism inflicts women (and a few men) more than age 60. But pregnant ladies and younger groups can also be vulnerable. Symptoms and blood tests can tell whether one has this health issue.

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Signs and symptoms

The signs can vary from person to person and can be challenging to comprehend. However, early signals include fatigue and weight gain. But both these factors are also common with aging. Hence, you cannot be sure if you have a thyroid problem. It can catch your attention only when you notice more signs, such as rough and dry skin, weak nails, etc.

In general, a person suffering from this condition can experience reduced heart rate, depression, dry skin, chills, tiredness, constipation, high cholesterol levels, dry and thin hair, tired and tender muscles, diminished memory, joint pain, etc. In many cases, symptoms progress with time becoming more identifiable. If your health is giving wrong signals, consult your physicians to detect the issue.


This lifelong condition can be manageable with medications. Doctors usually prescribe Synthroid for this. The artificial T4 hormone does the job of the natural thyroid hormone. If your physician recommends it, look for a cheaper Synthroid prescription. The proper dose of the medication can restore your thyroid hormone levels in the blood, and symptoms may vanish or may be less troublesome.

Wait for a few weeks to find relief. You may have to get blood tests done to track improvement. Generally, hypothyroidism patient has to continue their medication for their whole life. The doses can be adjustable. 

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Lack of iodine can cause thyroid issues. You can fulfil this need without supplements also. Eat iodine-rich items like milk, cheese, yoghurt, iodized salt, seaweed, seafood, and eggs. At the same time, you will want to check your soy intake, as it can affect your thyroid function. There is a need for clinical evidence, but it’s better to be careful if you have a thyroid disorder.

So, be conscious about how much tofu, soy milk, soy sauce, soybeans, vegan cheese, and other products you add to your menu. Fibrous food is necessary for your system, but it may not suit your thyroid condition. While consuming fibrous food is vital, you must schedule your medication correctly.

The Rising Health Problem Like Hypothyroidism Needs Some Attention!

Chronic health conditions can pose a challenge to your mental well-being as well. It can be more frustrating if you have any other medical problem. If you struggle to manage your emotions, talk to your physician or close ones and share your feelings. You can also join support groups for help.

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