Canada is a huge and beautiful country. Its has amazing places of the wilderness, as well as beaches, cities, and mountains to explore. Canadians have a reputation for being warm and friendly. While it can get a little chilly in the winter, they also have their fair share of sunshine to make the most of. If you are considering a trip to Canada for your next holiday, then read the post below. There you will find some info about travelling and which highlights you shouldn’t miss while you are there.

Flights To Canada

Getting to Canada is dependent on where you currently reside. If you are resident in America, it will be a lot cheaper to get a flight as it is physically closer. However, if you are travelling from the UK, the flight may end up being the largest cost of your entire trip. That is because it is 4724 miles from London Gatwick to Vancouver.

Most UK travellers choose to go from Gatwick, which offers flights to Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary. Although for flyers located in the rest of the UK, there are also trips available from Birmingham Airport and Glasgow Airport. You can get some more information on this at sites like

Travel Documents

Uk travellers are exempt from having to get a visa before they travel to Canada, but the will need an eTA instead. An eTA is an electronic travel authorisation. It will be linked to your passport and allows you entry into the country for your holiday. You can find out more on sites like

Travellers with non-UK passports or from other parts of the world should be aware that not all passport are acceptable to gain entry to Canada. Currently, they are not accepting Somali passports or ones that can’t be read by a machine from the Czech Republic.

Travellers will also need to ensure that they have the right insurances for their trips. Remember that if you are going skiing, there is a higher risk of injury, and so your insurance cover should reflect this.


One of the most popular times that people take to Canada is during the winter season. This allows them to take advantage of the snow and get some winter sports in.

There are several popular locations for skiing in Canada. Most of which are located in the Rockies. Most people pick their location based on a mixture of reasons. Such as how easy it is to get to from their arrival airport, the snow, and the facilities.

It is worth bearing in mind that some of the resorts in Canada are quite picturesque such as Silver Star, which is design to look like an old miners village.  But many of them aren’t quite as developed as some the European resorts. That means that some have only a few chair lifts. Others like Sun Peaks are limited to a few runs, but you can catch a bus to get to neighbouring resorts if you get bored with the selection.

Northern Lights

Another huge pull for visiting Canada is the phenomenon of the Northern Lights. Or to give it its correct name the Aurora Borealis. This is an amazing natural occurrence that is caused by particles from the sun becoming excited in the earth’s magnetic field. As the particles calm down, they cause those amazing green shimmering lights in the sky.

Be warned though you can’t see the Aurora Borealis in all parts of Canada. You need to be as close as possible to the Arctic Circle. That means the best place to get a viewing is in locations like the Yukon.

Another thing that you need to bear in mind if this is a crucial aspect of your Canadian vacation is that the Northern Lights goes in cycles. That means the chances of it rise and fall over a 15 years period. We are just coming out of a peak time at the moment. So while the chances of viewing them are still pretty high, they will be steadily decreasing over the next few years.

City Breaks

If all that snow and wildness is not really your thing, then what about a Canadian City break? Canada has some pretty awesome urban areas to visit. One of the most popular location is the city of Vancouver. This is mainly due to its prime location. It is a city that is seated in between the sea and mountains. So not only do you get the best that urban life has to offer, but it is an easy trip out to explore the surrounding countryside.

Once you have had your fill of beaches and mountain walks, head back into the city centre. There you can appreciate some of the cultural activities that Vancouver has to offer.

If classical music is your thing, check out the Orpheum Theatre for the symphony. Or plan your trip around the fringe festival where you will have over 500 different and varied performances to choose from.

Coastal holidays

While we don’t often think of Canada as the perfect beach location, it has, in fact, got a lot of coastal areas that are worth checking out.

Check out the Singing Sands beach, near to Charlottetown. It is famous for its warm waters and strange singing noise that the sand makes when the wind blows. You can get some more information at

There is plenty of other things to keep you interested in this location as well. Check out some of the delicious food available from the stalls there. Or, if you are of an ornithological bent, this location is on the migration route for many bird species. Perhaps adventuring is more your thing? Then try your hand at a little geocaching, instead!

Or how about Long Beach Tofino, BC? You can do lots of exciting activities if you are not really a sit on the beach and sunbathe person. Try canoeing, or surfing on for size. Or how about getting closer to nature with a whale watching or bear watching trip? Then there is the fishing too, which is great!

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