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Reasons Why It's Worth It to Rent a Private Jet | Travel | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Reasons Why It’s Worth It to Rent a Private Jet

Using a private jet makes your life easier and travelling lighter. With benefits like tailored service, safety, and unprecedented privacy, it’s one of the most luxurious ways to travel. If you’re weighing up the pros and cons of chartering a private jet, we’ve got you covered.

Reasons Why It's Worth It to Rent a Private Jet | Travel | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

In this article, we’ll show you all the benefits of chartering a private jet and give you a glimpse into its services.

Luxury Above All

Private jet users claim that nothing can measure with the luxury of flying with all premium amenities a flight can offer. Private flights are unique experiences as you can have private catering, comfortable seats, big-screen TV, and on-board Wi-Fi.

You’ll have a crew at your disposal, and they’ll make sure you have everything you need during the flight, from food to beverage. What’s more, it’s even possible to hire a chef to prepare special meals for the plane’s owner and its guests.

Privacy Matters

Everyone who has flown business or first class in a commercial jet knows that some measures are taken to make you feel like you’re getting additional privacy on your flight. Sometimes there are curtains or a separator to shield you from other passengers. Sometimes, this approach works, but it’s incomparable with the feeling of privacy in a charter plane.

In a private flight, the number of passengers is often fewer than you might think. It’s normal for a very light jet to have up to three people, while in a large plane, it can accommodate up to 15 people.

Ready for the Air, no need to Despair – Your Guide to Chartering a Private Jet | Travel Guide | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Regardless, a private jet gives you enough privacy and space where nobody will interrupt you while you work, sleep or read a book. You can even charter your flight for family, friends, family, or colleagues and spend quality time with all of them.

Unlimited Accessibility

Another great benefit of flying with a private jet is that it’s significantly more flexible than any commercial flight. When you’re using commercial aviation, you have to get to the airport, go through the security checks, wait in long lines, and arrive a few hours before the flight so that you wouldn’t miss it.

Since it can take a lot of time to do all the check-ins and get to a remote part of the airport to reach your gate, people usually get tired and unable to work after long flights.

When it comes to private jets, you can forget about all these problems since you’ll have access to a small private airport, close to a major one where you won’t have to wait or pass all those security checks. Plus, with a smaller jet, you can access remote islands or land wherever there’s an airport where you can land.

Hiring a private jet opens up a whole new world of possibilities regarding where you want to land and how to travel light and fast.

Personalised Approach to Customers

Flying private means that you can choose everything regarding your flight. You can choose anything from the plane type, cabin crew, interior of the plane, and every detail regarding your flight experience. If you want to catch up on some sleep or work, you can choose an aircraft that offers all those amenities and more.

Another thing that customers heavily influence is the type of catering that’s available on-board. As the team from bitluxtravel.com/, explained, the food you get on commercial flights is often tasteless and simple. However, if you choose to fly privately, you’ll only eat premium quality meals. And you can request a special menu in advance or even fly with a professional chef.

Ready for the Air, no need to Despair – Your Guide to Chartering a Private Jet | Travel Guide | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Design Your Interior

For people that enjoy bespoke interiors, a plain can be a place where they’ll showcase their taste. As the whole aircraft can be fully customized, many people decide to get comfortable seats, install entertainment systems, create a bedroom or add high-speed Wi-Fi. Everything is possible when you own the jet and have the freedom to adjust it to your specific needs.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Private jets are one of the best ways to travel. Not only can you have the best pilot flying the plane, but your cabin crew and chef can create a hotel experience while travelling from one part of the globe to another.

Reasons Why It's Worth It to Rent a Private Jet 1

Now that you know more about the world of charter jets, you can see how much time you can save by flying with one. Also, they’re allowing you to experience travelling in a completely different way compared to commercial flights. Remember that it is easier to do business when you’re well-rested.

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