Bravura: Perfect home exfoliation - a pamper session across the generations 1

Opening up the beautifully packaged Bravura London products was like an apothecary heaven. The fabulous glass bottles with pipettes are in a lovely array of colours in a glass reminiscent of yesteryear but with a magnificent contemporary feel. The gold dragonfly branding finishes the designer bottles perfectly. If the product inside was half as good as the packaging I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

The combination included 3 different exfoliators; Lactic for dry skin, Salicylic for oily skin and Glycolic infused with lavender for ageing skin. Each a uniquely formulated chemical peel. There was also a fabulous revitalising pre-peel Ginseng toner, First Cleanse Oil and an Azulene Moisturiser. The entire range came with comprehensive and easy to follow instructions clearly setting out how to apply each product and the optimum time periods. Always one to share my experiences I took the opportunity of one of my weekend visits to my Grandma’s in the wonderful Lake District to treat my Grandma, my mum and I to an afternoon of professional style home pampering.

Bravura: Perfect home exfoliation - a pamper session across the generations 2

After removing all of our makeup and cleansing our skin we each applied one of the 3 exfoliators. My Grandma who takes very good care of herself with plenty of exercise and a really healthy diet was straight in to try the product for ageing skin, my Mum opted for the Lactic for dry skin while I attempted to cure a couple of pimples with the one for oily skin. You can exfoliate every couple of days and don’t necessarily need to stick to the same product each time. After a few minutes we washed off the acid with warm water and unbelievably we all felt an immediate difference to our skin. Each of us said the same thing that our skin felt softer, far cleaner and we all had a radiant glow, so much so, we felt that good that we made Granda take us out for the evening!

The acids were really easy to use, especially with the pipettes, they had clear instructions that anyone could follow. The treatment only takes a few minutes so you can fit it in quite easily if you have a busy schedule or like us if you want a girlie pamper afternoon you can take your time, either way, you still get fabulously noticeable results even after just one treatment.

A couple of weeks on and we have all kept to our regime and used the peels twice a week as it is so easy to use. There is a noticeable difference to our skins. Mum has been using the peel on her face and hands and she is delighted that the dryness in her skin is feeling far more moisturised and she is ready and glowing for the Autumn / Winter weather. Grandma as always is like Dorian Gray’s portrait and looks younger every day but seriously she does feel her skin is brighter and cleaner. My skin feels fresh and vibrant and not that I have many spots but those odd pimples that occasionally appear seem to have been kept at bay.

The team behind Bravura London have pulled out all of the stops to bring you a product which is both exceptionally packaged but more importantly a product that really makes a glowing difference to your skin. Regardless of age or skin type, there is a transformational option for you.

A really lovely affordable product that works. This would make a magical luxury Christmas gift for anyone who enjoys professional salon treatments in the comfort of their own home and who loves to take care of their precious skin.


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