Top 3 Western Clothing Brand: Achieve a Little Bit (Or a Lot) Of Country

Western fashion has been around for a while, but it is becoming increasingly popular lately. From cowboy boots to fringe jackets and prairie dresses, we can now find western-inspired pieces over the fashion world from the catwalk to magazine covers to Instagram and TikTok. And people are wearing the style in their unique way, creating their special street-style looks.

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Not only is the Western style incredibly versatile, but it also exudes a certain level of confidence and sophistication. Whether you are looking for a casual look or something more formal, this style has something for everyone. If you want to give it a try, here are a few brands you can count on to rock your cowboy look. 

Top 3 Western Clothing Brand: Achieve a Little Bit (Or a Lot) Of Country


Top 3 Western Clothing Brand: Achieve a Little Bit (Or a Lot) Of Country 1

Wrangler is a western wear brand well known for its iconic jeans designed for cowboys, rodeo performers, and various working men. Wrangler jeans were the first pair of pants with characteristics created expressly for cowboys.

To prevent tears when rising and falling from the saddle, they had reinforced “no scratch” pockets, felled inseams and outseams, rear pockets strategically positioned for comfort, strong tacks in place of metal rivets in the crotch and practical zipper fly.

How did the Wrangler Western wear collection become so popular in the fashion world? Well, there wasn’t a defining moment that led the company to become popular with other kinds of people instead of just cowboys.

It was a gradual process as people turned to Wrangler for their superior durability in comparison to other brands. By 1996, Wrangler jeans had become so recognisable that one in five pairs of jeans sold in the United States were Wranglers, and the brand had gained recognition around the world.

Nowadays, the Wrangler Western wear collection includes tee’s, classic jackets, shirts, polos, vests and other distinctive western-wear pieces that can make a great foundation in your wardrobe. But if you want to get the best of the Wrangler experience, invest in a pair of its classic jeans. 

Even though there aren’t nearly as many working cowboys as there were all those years ago, the cowboy style is still the Wrangler trademark. The cowboy cut original fit jeans for men closely resemble the original design that was initially created for rodeos. But there are many more styles of jeans available if the cowboy style is not what you’re after.

For guys who prefer to feel snug and comfy but require the leg to taper over boots and other shoes, Wrangler offers a throwback slim fit bootcut design. In place of a thin fit, you can choose straight-leg jeans, which have the same width from the top of the thigh to the hem at the ankle. There are also many different shades and tones of jeans available, so you may pick the one that appeals to you the most.

For women, the Wrangler clothing collection includes some fantastic classic wide-leg jeans. This style is comparable to the bootcut style, which is characterised by broader, tapered jeans at the knee. If you want to wear boots, these jeans are perfect since they will fit you tightly. Other styles are also available including the rigid straight selvedge jeans, retro-made jeans, skinny legging jeans, and ultimate riding jeans.


Top 3 Western Clothing Brand: Achieve a Little Bit (Or a Lot) Of Country 2

Ranchers, rodeo competitors, and trendy Western fashionistas are all fans of the Ariat brand. In the market since 1993, It was the first company to use athletic footwear technology in equestrian athlete boots. Although Ariat’s boots continue to be in high demand, many also like wearing the company’s stylish yet functional outerwear. 

Ariat clothing is fashionable, durable, and comfortable. It also has unique, innovative technological characteristics that were developed by rethinking and modernising vintage products to meet the needs of modern country people. The brand offers a large selection of casual, technical, and competitive clothing, including jackets, gilets, shirts, and breeches, so you’re sure to find something you like. 

Ariat clothing is all designed with a certain purpose and season in mind, which allows you to choose different outfits for different occasions and weather. The brand’s approach is heavily reliant on craftsmanship, as well as the longevity and quality it guarantees its wearer.

With timeless patterns that won’t go out of style anytime soon and are meant to last you through the seasons, the concept is that we should buy an Ariat garment once and wear it for a lifetime. Ariat encourages its members to “wear your gear hard” and for longer to reduce the quantity that is dumped in landfills, as opposed to encouraging people to keep buying things they don’t need.

Thomas Cook

Top 3 Western Clothing Brand: Achieve a Little Bit (Or a Lot) Of Country 3

Thomas Cook’s story started as a small footwear manufacturing company that has become one of the best western wear companies in Australia.

Thomas Cook’s continued dedication to bridging the gap between urban and country living and its steadfast adherence to family values and tradition have helped the company grow into the household name it is today. The trademark has been passed down through three generations of the Cook family and has integrated itself into the rural Australian way of life.

The brand offers today a collection of country wear that includes comfortable undergarments to robust and fashionable coats that keep you warm on the coldest days. As most of their garments are made from 100% natural cotton and cotton mixes, they are very comfortable to wear daily and will last you for many years. 

Even if some of their clothing is specially made for equestrian purposes, there are plenty of alternatives for recreational riders and outback explorers. You will undoubtedly find something that suits your style when perusing the selection of Thomas Cook apparel, even if you only need to conduct errands in the city.

To make fashionable pieces that are difficult to refuse, Thomas Cook clothing has managed to keep loyal to its Western heritage by fusing some of the traditional pieces with a few current twists. Feel free to experiment with different outfit combinations until you discover ones that suit your style.