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A Kajabi review wouldn’t be comprehensive if it didn’t take into account what other people had to say about the platform. Kajabi, in general, enjoys relatively excellent evaluations from people. The majority of users have positive things to say about how user-friendly the platform is and how strong the tools for creating courses and sending email marketing are.

Kajabi is an exceptional platform for fostering the growth of small enterprises. In order to maximize your return on investment, the plans serve to increase operations in concert with business development. This complete review of Kajabi is broken down into sections for ease of reading. 

Almost all of the reviews online stressed how straightforward it is to use and set up, and this was confirmed by the number of people who said they had no prior technical knowledge.

Other assessments highlight the comprehensiveness of the pipeline and marketing tools. Furthermore, the platform has an excellent track record of favourable user evaluations and a high reputation in the community.

The success of the platform is largely dependent on its sales and marketing efforts. Landing pages, email address collection and the sale of online courses are all made easier with digital marketing and pipeline builders. As an associate for Kajabi, you’ll be able to promote the platform by sharing affiliate links with your customers.

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Built-In Payment Processing

When it comes to the handling of payments, Kajabi makes use of Stripe for its native payment processing. Click here for more information on Stripe. You may also take payments via PayPal.

Membership Site Capabilities

Create a special content section with unique price choices for members.

Large Selection of Available Integrations

Included in the package are ten native integrations, one of which is Zapier. The integration of the Zapier app paves the way for the creation of thousands of more non-native app connections.

Hero Rewards Program

Through participation in the Hero rewards program, you are given an incentive to make additional sales. When you have completed a particular number of tasks or reached a certain milestone, Kajabi will send you a physical award.

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Kajabi User Experience

The intuitiveness of Kajabi’s interface is among the platform’s most appealing qualities. The dashboard presents all of the information in an organized fashion, and you can navigate to any of the available modules by selecting the appropriate option.

The useful Kajabi Assistant, which allows you to browse features by keyword, is now accessible from the dashboard. In addition to having straightforward navigation, there are a plethora of videos available that are geared toward assisting novice users in becoming accustomed to the ins and outs of the platform.

Because of the integrated, all-in-one architecture of Kajabi, the platform is straightforward and simple to use. Everything may be managed from the same location and on the same platform at the same time. You won’t have to spend as much time as you would on a WordPress-hosted site adjusting the settings of individual plugins and extensions to ensure that they are compatible with one another.

This makes the course platform less customizable than WordPress, but it’s quicker to set up. Kajabi also supports various languages. If you’ve never used automation before, one of the major complaints is that some of the tools are difficult to use. A clearer explanation of how automation works is provided by Kartra, a different online course platform.

Kajabi Marketing Review

The Kajabi platform’s primary selling points are the sales and marketing solutions it provides. Users of each subscription get access to an incredible suite of tools for email marketing. You have the option of integrating another email carrier, such as MailChimp (What is MailChimp – Definition, meaning and examples (arimetrics.com)), or using the native interface.

Email list management is extensive, and you can perform amazing automation. The email sequence tool offers a high degree of personalization and is able to construct intricate command chains for automated campaigns. 

For instance, you might program your system to send a welcome email to new members automatically once they join up, or you could offer extra classes to students who are performing poorly on certain topics. The many automation variations that are feasible are, in essence, unlimited.

Girls’ Getaway to Paris: Dine, Shop, and Explore | Travel Guide | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Another one of Kajabi’s essential components is the Pipeline builder. The pipeline builder provides a graphical depiction of your sales funnel, which enables you to make modifications with the use of drag-and-drop functionality.

You may include opt-in forms for your email address, video marketing, landing sites, or pretty much anything else you desire. The one and only thing we would change about the way sales are handled is to provide more native payment methods. At this time, the only built-in payment method that is accepted by Kajabi is Stripe.

Integrations are yet another characteristic that is important in relation to marketing tools. Either add a different client or use Kajabi’s built-in capabilities to execute everything. The platform features 10 native connections, including MailChimp as well as Google Analytics. It is very helpful to have the Zapier application integration since it enables you to develop API scripts for applications that do not have their own native capabilities.

In light of the features it offers, Kajabi presents opportunities for novel website layouts. More advanced options provide you access to a code editor where you can make more precise changes to your CSS or HTML.

All plans include a custom domain, however, you must upgrade to Growth to remove the “Kajabi” trademark from your URL and site. You have the option to examine your modifications before saving them and making them public.

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